Princess Themed Gross Motor or Brain Break Ideas

You have that little kiddo who just isn’t motivated during your therapy or physical education sessions. Maybe gross motor skills are difficult for them.  You want to motivate this particular child to move and enjoy movement.  How can you do this?  How about finding out what this particular child likes.  You find that this child loves anything princess related.  Now you need to incorporate this into movement.  How about trying princess themed gross motor ideas.  They are also a perfect way to give this child a brain break!

Princess themed brain break ideas. Gross Motor Play for your princess!

Princess Themed Gross Motor or Brain Break Ideas

The great thing about princess themed motor activities and brain break ideas is that the number of repetitions, distance, and duration of time can easily be adjusted based on your needs!   I like to make sure the kids are working hard and getting re-energized!  These ideas are designed to be fast, effective, and efficient!

Princess Parade

Walk on your tip toes, walk heel to toe, walk on your heels, side step, walk backward, skip, gallop, and march around the room

Kiss A Frog

Jump up and down, side to side, forward and backward, jumping jacks, right foot hops, left foot hops, right to left hops, jump and turn

Princess Party

Body Wiggles, Dance Party, Spin Clockwise, Spin Counter Clockwise

Dress Up

Shoulder Touch to Head Touch, Put on your shoes: foot stomps, Head/shoulder/knees/toes touch, Head touch to overhead to overhead reach (Crown On)

Sit On The Throne

Squat, Lunge, Squat and Hold, Step To The Side and Squat

Proper Princess

Right Foot Stand, Left Foot Stand, Tandem Standing (Both Sides)

Princess School

Series of gross motor movements – For example, squat, jump, spin, repeat

Pretty Princess

Knee Hugs, Side Arm Circles, Forward Arm Circles, Backward Circles, Wall Push-Ups, Chair Running  (Sit In The Chair and Move Your Arms and Legs As Fast As You Can Like You Are Running)

Start With Your Legs Together, Keep Your Right Leg Planted, Step Out To The Side As Far As You Can To The Left And Return With Feet Together

Start With Your Legs Together, Keep Your Left Leg Planted, Step Out To The Side As Far As You Can To The Right And Return With Feet Together

Princess Themed Gross Motor or Brain Break Cards

Princess Brain Break Cover

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