Weather Themed Activities! I love these weather themed yoga/gross motor movement poses for kinesthetic learning! They are great for a brain break! I can't wait to try them for morning meeting too!

Weather Themed Yoga

Are you looking for a great way to get your kids moving?  A fun way to increase participation in the classroom, therapy, programming, or home?  How about a great way to get the kids moving during your morning meeting?  Then you’ve got to try weather themed yoga.  No, you don’t need to be a yogi …

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Fun ways to incorporate physical activity in the classroom using technology available in classrooms. Brain breaks for an entire class, individuals or small groups! Really great ideas plus some games and interactive ways to move!

Physical Activity For The Classroom – Using Technology

Most of us are aware that there is plenty of research that physical activity is needed in the classroom.   There is also a lot happening with technology in the classroom.  That being said, combining physical activity and technology could be useful to classroom teachers throughout the country.  Here are some great ways to get …

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Bean bag balance game. Awesome for gross motor activities. Great for gross motor stations, physical education, the classroom, therapy, and home! A great way to work on single leg balance!

Bean Bag Balance Game

Are you looking for a fun game that also promotes balance?  You need to try the bean bag balance game.  It’s super simple and you probably have most things that you need around your home!  The bean bag balance game would also work great in physical education or for gross motor stations.

Easter Themed Yoga Pose Ideas. Awesome kids yoga with FREE yoga cards. Perfect Easter Gross Motor Idea.

Easter Themed Yoga Pose Ideas

I love coming up with different themed yoga pose ideas!  I’m super excited about the Easter themed yoga poses because I’m giving away FREE Easter themed yoga cards today.  Check out these fun yoga poses for kids.  These poses are your traditional yoga poses with an Easter twist!

Bumble Bee Relay

Anyone else in the mood for Spring?  I really can’t complain about how “nice” the winter has been this year in Minnesota!  With the official start of Spring quickly approaching it’s time to start planning gross motor activities with a Spring theme.  The Bumble Bee Relay is one fun way to get moving this Spring!

Valentine's Day Yoga Pose Ideas. These are awesome for kids. I love how the poses are traditional poses but have a Valentine's Day spin!

Valentine’s Day Yoga Pose Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Besides Valentine’s Day boxes and Valentine’s what other plans do you have for your classroom, home or therapy?  How about trying some Valentine’s Day Yoga?  Even if you are new to yoga these fun Valentine’s Day themed poses work great for the beginner to the every day yogi!

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