Snowball Relay – Winter Movement Game

Winter will be here shortly.  Being from Minnesota, I always find it hard to believe winter starts in late December as the winter weather has already been here for a while!  I’m excited to share a fun winter themed game that is perfect for the entire winter season and a fun winter movement game that anyone can play.

Winter Movement Game - Snowball Relay. A fun way to move with a winter theme. Great for a classroom, therapy, or home.

Snowball Relay – Winter Movement Game


The snowball relay can be played with one person all the way up to an entire classroom.


Snowball Printables (Make your own or get them in this pack) and a ball – this can be a ball of any size.  As of late, I’m loving playing this game with a large stability ball (affiliate link).

How To Play

Get your kids into teams of 1 to 8 kids.  This game is also fine to be played with one person racing against their own time.

Kids should line up in their teams.

Start with the first person in line and have students race rolling their snowballs from the front to the back of the classroom (gym, yard, sidewalk etc.) and picks up their snowball card.Carry snowballs, roll snowballs, walk backward with snowballs etc.

The first kids gives the next child in line a high five when they return and that student goes.  If only one child is playing they just keep going.

Once the student has completed the race they sit down.

The first team to have all their snowball cards collected and the word snowball spelled out (optional) wins. Some kids may have to go more than once.

The relay is done again but with variations.

Variations can include but are not limited to – moving snowballs with their feet, carrying snowballs on a spoon, rolling snowballs with a pool noodle, passing snowballs back and forth with a team member rolling snowballs while moving backward or sideways!

Snowball Roll With A Stability Ball

I mentioned above, I like to play this game with a stability ball.  The space needs to be a bit larger like  or outdoors if you are lucky enough to have nice weather. Check out the video below to see how the stability ball is moved across the gym or outdoors.


The game can include cones or it can also be done by running in a straight line.

Do you like this game?  Be sure to check out the snowflake hop winter gross motor game!

Get The Snowball Relay Winter Movement Game

Get your set of Snowball Relay cards in the Winter Themed Movement Games packet.  Not only will you get this winter movement game, but you’ll get a variety pack of other games and activities designed with movement in mind, all with a winter theme.


Winter Resources From Pink Oatmeal

Pink Oatmeal has a huge selection of winter resources for you to choose from. Get everything you need to work on motor skills all winter long!


Click on the name of the images in the photos below to get a full detailed view of the winter resource available at Pink Oatmeal!

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