Arctic Animal Gross Motor Planning Week

There is no better time than the winter for Arctic Animals.  There is no better unit than the Arctic to add to your gross motor planning.  The animals of the Arctic make it fun and easy to incorporate arctic animal themed gross motor into your therapy, classroom, preschool, or home.  Check out some of these fun ideas to add to your arctic animal gross motor planning!

Arctic Animal activities that promote gross motor! Fun arctic animal gross motor games and activities perfect for an arctic animal unit, week, or to use in the winter! #preschool #grossmotor


Arctic Animal Gross Motor Planning Week

I love the arctic theme!  I love to combine it with my winter themed ideas !

Start off with Arctic Animal Themed Yoga ideas.  Your kids will love these pose ideas and so will you.  Grab ready made cards and printables to make it even more fun!

Arctic Themed Yoga


Check out these cute arctic animal brain breaks.  A fun way to pick your favorite animal and see what movement is behind it!

Grab your very own set of Polar Bear Paw Prints in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library. The paw prints can be used for a variety of different activities. Check out the ideas below!




The arctic animal movement story is a fun way to move while listening to a story about your arctic adventure! Read the arctic animal yoga and movement story here. 


You need lots of warm weather apparel for the arctic.  This is a fun gross motor relay game gets you ready to brave the arctic conditions!

The arctic is cold so it’s fun to add cold weather gross motor activities this week.  Check out all of the winter themed gross motor activities that can easily be incorporated into Arctic Animal Gross motor planning.

Balance activity that is so much fun! Use cardboard blocks to play these balance games that any kid or adult will love. This gross motor game can easily be adapted to increase or decrease the challenge! #balance #grossmotor

You could also try building and igloo and taking it down brick by brick while working on balance with this fun activity!

Winter Fine Motor Activities

Don’t miss out on all of the winter themed fine motor activity ideas that go perfectly with the arctic theme! 

Get Started with Arctic Animal Gross Motor Planning

Want to get started fast with arctic animal gross motor planning?  At Pink Oatmeal we have the Arctic Themed Movement Pack PERFECT for your arctic theme whether you are in a classroom, therapy, or home.  It’s easy to print and get started with now.  Save yourself the time, effort, and resources by trying to come up with all of it on your own.


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