Holidays Around The World Gross Motor and Fine Motor Activities

It’s the holiday season and celebrating holidays around the world is a fantastic way to work on motor skills. In this blog post we are going to give you ideas for holiday gross motor activities and holiday fine motor activities! You will have fantastic ways to celebrate Christmas around the world and holidays around the world!

Holidays Around The World Activities

Before we get started on the trip around the world to celebrate the holidays, it is important to pick up your passport. This passport contains stamps that you can cut out, color and add to your passport as you work on motor skill activities around the world. Not only is this passport cool, but it is a great fine motor activity too.

Grab your passport in the Pink Oatmeal shop and get started on your journey around the world!

Holidays Around The World Gross Motor Activities

Let’s start with some fun holidays around the world gross motor activities. First up, Bingo in Germany! The gross motor bingo with a German Christmas theme will have your kids moving their bodies while playing Bingo. This game not only works on motor skills and strengthening, but is also so much fun!

Get the Christmas in Germany Exercise Bingo game in the Pink Oatmeal shop.

Christmas In Germany Exercise Bingo Gross Motor Activity

But, that’s not the only Bingo we have for you. If you are looking to celebrate more holidays around the world, we have Ramadan Bingo too. While Ramadan happens in the spring, don’t forget to come back and grab this fantastic Ramadan gross motor activity. You can grab the Ramadan Exercise Bingo Game in the Pink Oatmeal shop.

Buckle up, because this next game takes you to 6 different countries where you can celebrate holidays and Christmas around the world. This adorable game has you solving the riddle and picking the correct holiday symbol in each country. When you pick the symbol correctly you will be given an exercise to complete. Try to complete all 6 countries. The countries you will be visiting include Italy, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Ireland and the Philippines. You can grab the Christmas Around The World Gross Motor Game in the Pink Oatmeal shop.

Next stop Sweden to celebrate Santa Lucia! The Santa Lucia gross motor game is just the game to celebrate this Swedish Tradition. Pick from different Santa Lucia symbols and do the movement associated with them. This game can be played on computer, tablet, interactive whiteboard or screencast onto a television. You can even print and play! Grab the Santa Lucia Gross Motor Game in the Pink Oatmeal shop.

Now let’s make a stop in India and celebrate Diwali. A scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to do just that. The Diwali scavenger hunt is perfect for all ability levels. It can be used with different gross motor or locomotor movements or used with kiddos that are working in their gait trainers.

The Diwali Scavenger Hunt is available to only Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass holders.

Let’s celebrate Hanukkah with these fabulous Hanukkah gross motor activities. Let’s start with a little Dreidel Dice Jumping game!

Hanukkah Gross Motor Activities

Lay out the full sheet Dreidel printables on the floor or on the wall. Take your pattern cards and jump the patterns. But, there is actually so much more than jumping that you can do wtih this game! Just take a look! This Dreidel Jumping Game is available only to Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass Members.

Now let’s dig into the Hanukkah Game Pack. Here there are a variety of different games with a Hanukkah theme that will get you up and moving! You can grab this pack in the shop!

I love how this game pack has different games that combine both a gross motor and fine motor component for celebrating Hanukkah.

Holidays Around The World Visual Motor Games

Of course we need to throw in a visual motor game! The Santa’s Around The World Form Constancy Activity is just that game! Count the number of Santa’s from different countries. This activity can be done at the tabletop, on a vertical surface or even over a therapy ball! The Santa’s Around the World Visual Constancy Activity is for Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass holders only!

Santas Around The World Visual Motor Activity

Holidays Around The World Fine Motor Activities

Let’s make a stop in Africa and celebrate Kwanzaa! The Kwanzaa Roll, Color and Move game is the perfect fine motor activity and gross motor activity to celebrate and stamp your passport.

This Kwanzaa fine motor and gross motor activity is available to Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass Holders only.

While you were in India, be sure that you stopped by to complete the Diwali Color by Code activity. Try something a little different and get on the floor to complete this activity!

Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass Members can grab this activity in the Pink Oatmeal shop! This activity is only available to Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass Holders.

While in Mexico, you must celebrate Las Posadas with the write and color activity! This is a great way to work on those fine motor skills.

Holidays Around The World Wheelchair Activities

Let’s talk about the fun wheelchair or seated activity game that we have to celebrate Holiday’s around the World at Pink Oatmeal!

In this game we are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa!

This game can be played on a tablet, computer, interactive whiteboard or screencast onto your television. It’s fantastic for one person or an entire class.

Grab the Holiday Wheelchair Game in the Pink Oatmeal Shop.

That was certainly a lot of different ways to celebrate holidays around the world this year working on motor skills including gross motor, fine motor and visual motor. I hope your passport book is stamped and full!

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