Gingerbread Man Brain Break Ideas – Gingerbread Man Activities

The Gingerbread Man is a classic story around the holiday season.  It’s often taught in homes and in schools.  It’s also the perfect story to incorporate movement.  Think of how much running that Gingerbread Man talked about?  It’s always a bonus to incorporate movement for kids in any setting that can be fast, fun and effective.  The Gingerbread Man brain break ideas are just that!  Try add this as part of your gingerbread man activities!

Gingerbread Man Activities. The perfect idea for your Gingerbread Man unit.

Gingerbread Man Brain Break Ideas  – Gingerbread Man Activities

Gingerbread man brain breaks are simple to use.  Adjust repetitions and duration to best meet your needs.  If you love these ideas you can pick up a set of ready made Gingerbread Man Brain Break Cards in the shop or on TpT.  Use the themes to have the kiddos relate their actions to each theme! These brain breaks are meant to be fast, fun, and effective.

Run, Run

Toe Walk, Knee Walk, Heel Walk, Jump (for distance – across a room), Walk Backward, Skip, March, Follow the Leader, High Knees (As Fast As You Can), Side Step, Chair Run, Run In Place

Cookie Baking

Dough Pound: Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Rolling Pin: Roll, Twist Side to Side

Cookie Eating

Cupboard Reach: Reach For The Ground, Reach For The Sky, Move Your Arms To Eat Cookies As Fast As You Can, Squat (to the cookie jar)

Pig Play

Mud Jumping:  Side To Side Hops, Front and Back Hops, Roll On Your Back in a Ball Side To Side, Stomp In Place (In The Mud)

Horse Play

Single Foot Hops, Jumping Jacks, Gallop Forward, Gallop Backward

Cow Play

Crawl, Lunges, Sway Hips Side to Side, On Your Hands and Knees Drop Your Stomach Toward The Ground and Hold

Sly Fox

Tandem Standing (Take Turns Letting Each Side Be The Lead Foot), Walk Heel To Toe Forward, Walk Heel To Toe Backward

Gingerbread Boy

Right Foot Balance, Left Foot Balance, Partner Balance: Stand On Left Foot Hold Partners Hand and Jump,  Partner Balance: Stand On Right Foot Hold Partners Hand and Jump

Cookie Party

Jump As Fast As You Can, Jump and Turn, Free Dance, Line Up Tallest To Shortest

Get Your Gingerbread Man Brain Breaks

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