Christmas Brain Breaks and Gross Motor Ideas

Well, there is no denying it if you walk into any store, the Holiday season is upon us. ¬†Christmas usually reminds me of shopping, cooking, and parties. ¬†The good news is that movement can easily be incorporated into a holiday or Christmas theme. ¬† During the very busy holiday season it is important to keep the kids moving. ¬†Here are some Christmas Brain Breaks and Gross Motor Ideas to get you started. ¬†Don’t forget that movement is perfect to incorporate into holiday parties as well!

Christmas Brain Breaks.  A list of fast, fun, and efficient ways to move your body with a Christmas or Holiday theme.  Each brain break is designed to last under a minute and only needs a small amount of space!

Christmas Brain Breaks and Gross Motor Ideas

Christmas brain breaks and gross motor ideas can be used to best fit your needs.  Set the distance and frequency that works for you and your kids.  Encourage the kids to move! Reindeer Wiggle Wiggle Your Body Santa On The Roof Toe Walk Around The Room, Heel Walk Around The Room Reindeer Leaps Jump as High As You Can, Jump As Fast As You Can, Jump On Your Left Foot, Jump On Your Right Foot Tall Tree Stand On Right Foot, Stand On Left Foot, Christmas Tree Pose Snowstorm Jump In Circles, Twist Side To Side, Spin

Santa’s Lap

Squat and Hold, Squat

Elf Workout Knee Walk, Side Step Around The Room, Skip Around The Room, Jumping Jacks, Wall Push-Ups Elf Hops Hop Side To Side, Hop Forward/Backward, Tiny Jumps In Place, Tiny Jumps Around The Room Flying Sleigh Stand On Your Right Foot With Arms Out and Fly, Stand on Your Left Foot With Arms Out and Fly Gift Stacking Touch The Floor and Reach For The Sky Walk Through The Snow Stomp Across The Room, High March Around The Room, Knee Hugs Santa Games Santa Says (Simon Says), Free Dance (Dancing Around The Christmas Tree), Follow The Leader (Santa) Santa School Sequencing Games (Think Spin, Hop, Twist Repeat) Ice Skating Cross Over Steps (Right Lead), Cross Over Steps (Left Lead), Step Right and Step Back Left Repeat

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