Conversation Heart Hop – Valentine’s Day Gross Motor

Conversation hearts have been around at Valentine’s Day for as long as I can remember.  I’ve noticed that the “conversations” on the hearts have evolved over time.   The  hearts for the conversation heart hop game have movement based words as their “conversations.”  It’s a simple, fun game that can be enjoyed by all age levels.  Along with the valentine delivery game, the conversation heart hop is a great gross motor game for Valentine’s Day !

Valentine's Day Gross Motor Game - Conversation Heart Hop. Perfect game for Valentine's Day and getting gross motor play in! - Pink Oatmeal

Conversation Heart Hop – Valentine’s Day Gross Motor

The conversation heart hop is a part of the Valentine’s Day Brain Breaks and Games variety pack that can be found in the Shop.


Conversation Hearts


Conversation Heart Hop -How To Play

Option 1

  • Place hearts face down.
  • Let kids take turns picking a heart.
  • The entire class performs the activity on the heart.

Conversation Heart Pick Up - Pink Oatmeal

Option 2

  • Place the same number of hearts as students on the ground.
  • Have students walk or hop on hearts until music stops.
  • When music stops students must perform the activity on their heart.
  • When music starts students start moving between hearts again and play continues.

Conversation Heart Hop - Pink Oatmeal

This can easily be modified to a musical chairs like game.  Have one less heart than students playing.  When the music stops the student who is not on the heart is out.

Get Your Conversation Hearts

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