Edible Sensory and Art Play

One thing you can count on with almost any baby is the fact that they put everything in their mouth.  Due to this fact, I was on the hunt for fun slimes and paints that would be safe if entering the mouth!

Edible Sensory and Art Play - Pink Oatmeal


After looking at several slime recipes I found one that worked perfect for having a baby that puts everything in his mouth.  Technically it is edible, however I wouldn’t eat it. It gives me a piece of mind for the bits that may get in his mouth.  On top of that, the ingredients were easy to find and it was easy to make.

Slime-sational pink oatmeal

We played with the slime outdoors.  C had so much fun. It was interesting to see how C reacted to it.  He started with his hands.

Edible Sensory Play - Pink Oatmeal

Then his foot.

Edible Art and Sensory Play - Pink Oatmeal Next thing I knew, his whole body was in the slime.

Edible Sensory and Art Play - Pink Oatmeal

Want to make this slime yourself?  Check out Fun At Home With Kids to get the recipe.  I made it exactly as she suggested.  Worked like a charm!


Edible Art and Sensory Play - Pink Oatmeal

This recipe was just so simple!  It can be found at I Heart Arts & Crafts!  We made several different colors to play with.

Edible Art and Sensory Play - Pink Oatmeal


I laid down a long piece of white paper out in the grass and let C make his masterpiece.

yogurt art


Here was the result!

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More Fun Sensory Play Ideas

There are more ways that you can play with your baby that involve sensory play.

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Sensory Table – A DIY way to make a table that you can use from baby through early elementary!

Sensory Shapes – A fun way for baby to explore everyday textures.

Dollar Aisle Sensory – A quick trip to the dollar aisle and you will have an entire




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