Early Years Milestones Quick Reference

I’m officially back at work!  Prior to going back, I did a little prepping to get back in the swing of things.  One thing I wanted to do was freshen up on all of my milestones that occur in the first 5 years of life.   I recently wrote a post on gross motor milestones, however I wanted a refresh on all the milestones. I’m working in the birth to 2 population this year. and wanted to have myself prepared.  I went back through old tests that I do with the kiddos to refresh my memory, however I’ve come across some blog posts that were a whole lot better read than any boring test.

Early Years Milestones - Pink Oatmeal
The posts from my fellow bloggers are great resources  that address key points in  early development.  Remember, these milestones are to be used as a guide, each child develops uniquely.  There are times that children may hit a milestone a little later with no cause for alarm. This may happen for various reasons.   If your child has a diagnosis or was born prematurely some of these milestones may be later.  This post is only for educational purposes only and does not replace an examination by a medical professional. If you have any concerns please be sure to contact your physician or therapist.

Early Years Milestones

Early Years Gross Motor Milestones(Pink Oatmeal):  A summary of gross motor milestones from birth through age five.

Teaching Kids How To Dress Themselves(The Inspired Treehouse) – This post breaks down the ages that kids can complete various dressing skills.  It has an awesome infographic that sums it all up!

Eating/Feeding Milestones For Babies and Toddlers  (Your Kids Table)- Great information on eating and feeding milestones up to 24 months of age.

Development Guide For Fine Motor Skills (Therapy Fun Zone) – A quick review of fine motor milestones from birth to 5 years old.

Typical Fine Motor Developmental Milestones for Ages 0-6 (Golden Reflections Blog) – Another nice breakdown of fine motor skills from 0-6 years.

Tennis Ball Target Practice (The Inspired Treehouse): A fun game to encourage ball skills with a nice infographic of basic ball skills from 12-24 months.

Speech and Language 101 (Playing With Words 365) – She has links to several different posts breaking down the milestones by age all the way to 5 years old.  An excellent resource!

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My store is full of resources to incorporate movement into therapy sessions, home and the classroom.  In particular, I’ve created an early intervention motor milestone reference that I use during the school year as a quick reference!

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