Sensory Bags For Baby

I made sensory bottles and shapes for little C that we had been using, however I wanted something that would be really easy for him to manipulate at 6 months.  I decided to make him sensory bags.  These were quite simple and I was surprised how much he really took to these.  Next to the water play this is one of his favorite toys right now!

 DIY Sensory Bag. Perfect for play for your baby or toddler! I love how easy it is to make!

DIY Sensory Bag


Freezer Bags (size)

Hair Gel
Duct Tape

Anything you want to add to the bag – I love poms (affiliate) and sequins (affiliate) personally!

DIY Sensory Bag Play

Make It
Fill up the freezer bag with hair gel.
Add anything you would like to the freezer bag for a little something for the baby to look at.  I added sequence to one bag and poms to another.
 Next I sealed the bags with duct tape around all four sides.  I went over with the duct tape twice – it may be overkill but I wanted to be sure.  I liked to jazz it up a bit when it came to the duct tape!
If you really want to make sure that the bag is secure you can add contact paper around the outside of the bag.
That’s it!  You have your sensory bag(s) for your baby to enjoy!
DIY Sensory Bag Tummy Time Play

C loves watching the different objects move when he would push on the gel.  This is his pom bag.  I also love the tummy time that is incorporated during this activity.

DIY Sensory Bag Play On Back

Like most things the bag found its way to his mouth! This activity should always be supervised when playing with baby.  It’s also a good reason why you want to make sure that your bag is secure so your baby can’t bit through it.

Holiday Sensory Bag

Check out our sensory bag we made for Halloween!

Halloween Sensory Bags with bugs


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5 thoughts on “Sensory Bags For Baby”

  1. Frances Justiniano

    Is there any other jelly substance you could use besides hair gel? I’d love to make these for my 8 month old, but worried my 2 yr old will bite a hole in it. He WILL find a way.

    1. I covered the freezer bag with clear contact paper ($2 roll at big lots, the hair gel and other stuff from the dollar store) so they won’t be able to bite through the bag then covered the sides & bottom of bag with duct tape filled the bag with stuff then closed the bag and duct taped the top twice. (8 month old & 2 yr old approved)

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