Dollar Aisle Sensory Play

I love all the great sensory activities out there!  I literally have a list of ideas that I plan to do, however I have a baby.  My baby like most babies puts everything in his mouth!  So most of my list is on hold for now for safety purposes. Instead, I’ve had to be creative and find different ways for my little guy to have sensory play.

Dollar Aisle Sensory Play


The Dollar Aisle

Enter the dollar aisle.  As a frequent shopper of Target I tend to find myself in the dollar aisles.  I can’t miss a deal!  It’s also the place where I’ve found several different items to utilize for sensory play with my little guy.

Dollar Aisle Sensory Play

What I look For

Here is what I look for when selecting what I plan to use for sensory play with my little guy.

  • Safe – I want it to be something that I’m not afraid he will choke on when he puts it in his mouth.
  • Textured – I like to find objects that have a variety of textures so that he is able to have different sensory experiences.
  • Colorful- I try to vary the colors for sensory play.
  • Versatile – I want the object to be able to be used in different ways.  I like something that can be played with when wet, dry, or by itself.
  • Able to be manipulated – I try to make sure that C can safely manipulate the objects that I buy for him.  That way it’s easy for him to explore and play.

Dollar Aisle Sensory Play

 Other suggestions

I make sure to wash all of the different objects first before using them.  I use my chemical free toy washing solution.  I also don’t go crazy buying.  I’ve bought in the dollar aisle 3 times in the past 10 months.  I buy about 5-6 things a time.  That way I feel like I’m hitting up the different seasons.    Remember, the dollar aisle is a great place to find fun items but there are so many ways to stimulate the senses for your baby.  Now that it is nice out be sure to get outside!  Play with water and put them in the grass all while playing with your dollar aisle purchases!


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