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I don’t know about you, but as cliche as it sounds I always find myself at the start of a new year with a resolution.  This year my resolution is to start exercising again.  With the new baby and a toddler I’ve found that my exercising just isn’t happening.  One of my favorite ways to exercise is with yoga.  I’m not flexible and my poses don’t always look right, but I still enjoy it!  I also love to use yoga as a fun way to exercise with my students when I’m at work and my toddler is now taking out my yoga mat all the time talking about how he is going to do yoga!  I’ve put together some kids yoga resources that I use. I’ve started to create many myself as well to share!

Kids yoga resources including websites, videos, themed yoga,and yoga card resources. Great information to get kids yoga started or learn more!

Kids Yoga Resources

There are a lot of demands put on today’s kids.  On top of that, there is far less time for free play and physical activity.  Implementing kids yoga is one way to encourage less stress and physical activity in today’s kids.

Printable Yoga Cards

Pink Oatmeal has this covered for you!  There are several different sets of printable yoga cards that you can easily incorporate into your home, therapy, or classroom.

Yoga Games

If you are looking for other ways to yoga outside of holding traditional poses, check out all of the different yoga games for kids!  Be sure to grab the yoga games pack and get started playing yoga games today!

Yoga For The Classroom

Yoga is perfect for a classroom and easy to implement Get great tips on how to implement yoga for the classroom today.  There are great resources for you to implement into your classroom yoga in this post!

Kids Yoga Websites

Kids Yoga Stories A fabulous blog/website dedicated to kids yoga!  There is a lot of good information on yoga for kids!  She also has a list of different books that she combines with yoga poses.  Perfect for both the home and the classroom!

Namaste Kid Yoga Poses – I like to check out this website from time to time for a refresher on different yoga poses!

The Kids Yoga Resource – Another great resource for kids yoga!

Young Yoga Masters – I enjoy the blog.  Great information for kids yoga!

OMazing Kids – Another website with fun ideas for yoga!

Yoga Videos

I tend to be one that likes to do yoga that is not screen based.  Our world is screen dominant and this doesn’t seem to be changing.  For this reason, I prefer yoga off the screen.  That being said, any way that you can implement physical activity and yoga is good.

YouTube –  There are several different kid yoga videos on YouTube that I’m looking forward to trying out!  I love having physical objects when I work with the kids, but if in a pinch I think this is a great resource.

GoNoodle – GoNoodle has a ton of different brain break and yoga videos to use.  GoNoodle can be used in the classroom or at home.

Themed Yoga Ideas

You have hit the jackpot of yoga themes here! I’ve found that incorporating yoga with different themes has been really fun.  There are over 30 different yoga themes for kids in this resource on the Pink Oatmeal website.   I’ve shared in several different blog posts all the different poses that can be used to go with each theme.  I’ve also created corresponding cards to go with each theme.  Kids LOVE the themes.  They go really well with different units or are a ton of fun on their own.  I’ll often times let the kids pick their theme!

Interactive Yoga

Let’s face it, technology is here to stay!  So let’s try adding a little physical activity into that technology.  Interactive yoga does just that!  It’s a great way to combine technology time with physical activity, plus it’s fun and easy!  Grab this today in the shop !

Get Started With Yoga Today

Get started with the Yoga for the Classroom Pack (It’s great for outside the classroom too).  It’s the perfect way to add a little fun and variety into your favorite traditional yoga poses!

If you can recommend any resources  that have worked well for you I’d love to hear!  I’m always looking for more!


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  1. I love yoga too. You should check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube…all free…fun stories…you could do them along with your toddler or have him do it while you exercise

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