10 Snow Activities

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It’s that time of the year for snow.  During the winter my toddler loves to go outside and play.  With a baby and toddler in tow I have to be organized even when we go outside to play in the snow.  Since we live in Minnesota there is always a chance that there may be snow on the ground during the winter months.  I’m hoping this year I can be prepared with ideas and fun activities for when the snow arrives!

Snow activities are the best in the winter! Have fun with these different winter activities that incorporate snow! #snow #activities #winter

Snow Activities

  • The days are short in the winter and sometimes snow activities are done in the dark.  I love the glow sticks in the snow idea from Simple Fun For Kids.
  • A classic activity that is always one of the best – taking the sled out for a pull or down a hill.
  • Winter painting using sticks to outline your art from Mini Monets and Mommies.
  • Take out the trucks.  They aren’t just for the sandbox, but work perfect in the snow.  Build roads and haul the snow!
  • Build a snowman.  When the snow is just right this is one of my favorite snow activities.
  • Build a snow fort.  Whether it be digging a hole in a snowdrift or stacking up blocks of snow, this can be a fun activity for all ages.
  • Shoveling snow. This can work great when you need to get some shoveling done yourself.  A perfect kid sized shovel can make shoveling a fun activity for your little one.

  • Snow Angels are the perfect way to get down and move in the snow!
  • Snow Castles – Much like sand castles are a perfect way to get into the snow and play.
  • Snowball Fight – there may be a need for rules, make it fun!

SnowCast App

In order to participate in and plan snow activities I need to know when and where the snow will be.  I have the SnowCast App on my iPad that gives me easy access to the snow forecast in my area.  I can see how many inches of snow are going to fall in my area now, later in the day or within the next 48 hours.   This makes deciding what we are going to do each day just a little smoother for a busy mom. Not only is the app great for planning snow activities, but it’s great to have as a mom who is on the go with a toddler and a baby.  On a snowy day, the app allows me to check to see if I can get my run into Target or to the grocery store safely or if it is better to go later that day or even the next day.

Snow Activities SnowCast App - Pink Oatmeal

The app is easy to understand.  It has a nice clear radar.  It shows snowfall in clear increments.  You have the option to receive winter weather notifications and to track your location or set the location yourself.  I like the fact when I am traveling somewhere I can change the location to the city I plan to travel too to get their exact forecast.  You don’t have to be technologically savvy to understand the app.  It’s nice and clear and easy to use. Download the app to get started using it now!

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