Valentine’s Day Brain Breaks and Gross Motor Ideas

With the month of February fast approaching it’s the perfect time to talk about incorporating movement into a Valentine’s Day theme.  I always like quick and easy to go to movement ideas when working with the kids.  Valentine’s Day brain breaks work perfect for this!  They are great when we need a break, for transitions, and even to use as a reward or for a party.  A Valentine’s Day theme can easily be incorporated to add even more fun to movement!

Valentine's Day Activities that promote movement! These fun gross motor and brain break ideas with a Valentine's Day Theme are perfect for the classroom, home or therapy! They are fast, fun, and efficient Valentine's Day themed activities! #Valentinesday #preschool #brainbreaks

Valentine’s Day Brain Breaks and Gross Motor Ideas

Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate a Valentine’s Day theme into brain break ideas.  Duration and repetitions can be decided based on your situation. These are great during the month of February or for a Valentine’s Day party!

Mail Run Run In Place, High March Around The Room, Heel Walk, Toe Walk, Side Step, Gallop, Skip, Walk Heel To Toe, Knee Walk, Leap, Cross Over Steps

Active Hearts Jump in Place, Jumping Jacks, Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Side to Side Jumps, Forward and Backward Jumps, Jump and Turn, Touch the Floor and Reach for the Sky

Heart Stomping Right Foot Hop, Left Foot Hop, Left to Right Foot Hops, Foot Stomping

Conversation Hearts Telephone Game, Simon Says, Line Up Tallest to Shortest, Line Up Oldest to Youngest

Falling In Love Right Foot Balance, Left Foot Balance, Tandem Standing (Take Turns Letting Each Foot Lead)

Flower Picking Squat, Lunge, Sit to Stands, Floor Touches

Valentine Party Free Dance, Spinning, Mirror Image, Body Wiggles

Secret Valentine Motor movements in a sequence (Example Jump, Spin, Clap repeat)

Even Motor Valentine’s Day Motor Skills Activities

Valentine’s Day Yoga

Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activities

Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Hop

Valentine’s Day Gross Motor Activities and Games (Huge Collection of Ideas)

Valentine’s Day Brain Breaks

Get Your Own Valentine’s Day Brain Break Cards

If  you love the idea of Valentine’s Day brain breaks but don’t want to put it together yourself I don’t blame you!  I have a full set of 48 cards available at the shop.   The cards are a fun and exciting way to get the kids moving.  They are perfect to incorporate into stations, use at a party, morning meetings, or as brain breaks.  Make movement fun!

Valentine’s Day Resources For You

Pink Oatmeal has a huge selection of ready made Valentine’s Day resources for you! There are printable resources, digital resources, games, yoga cards, fine motor activities and more. Safe yourself time, energy, and effort by getting your hands on these Valentine’s Day resources today!


Click on the NAME of the resource to get a full description of what is included.

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