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A huge resource for my practice as a physical therapist has turned out to be Pinterest.  Yes, social media at it’s best!  Honestly, there’s some really great ideas on how to incorporate fun into your therapy sessions, plus easy access to research and technology ideas.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite boards to follow.  Not only are these boards great for therapists, but they are great for parents looking for developmental tips and play ideas!    These are just a few of my favorite therapy related boards to follow!


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10 Must Follow OT, PT, and SLP Pinterest Boards

  1. Pediastaff Boards – In particular I love the Pediatric/School Based OT/PT Blog. It consists of blog posts from several different PT and OT bloggers.  Much of the information presented is great for all therapy professionals and parents.  All their boards are pretty great though!
  2. Pink Oatmeal Boards – The boards that are best for therapists are my brain break, yoga, gross motor, fine motor, sensory, and pediatric physical therapy boards.  My blog board allows you to keep up with all Pink Oatmeal posts, many of which are therapy related. There is a board that includes tons of products that are perfect for therapists, parents, or teachers to use in the clinic or school setting.
  3. Your Therapy Source has a great set of boards. My favorite board is the Pediatric Physical Therapy board.  I’m a big fan of this board particularly because it has quick and easy access to a lot of recent research articles pertaining to pediatric physical therapy, but again applicable to all therapists.
  4. Mama OT has a great set of Pinterest boards for a therapist to follow.  My favorite is The Therapist In Me which is full of great ideas for therapists!
  5. The Inspired Treehouse – I love their boards!  The Inspired Treehouse is run by and OT and PT so a great mix of both disciplines!
  6. Growing Hands On Kids – Her boards are particularly good for the Occupational Therapist population and also for any homeschoolers!
  7. CanDoKiddo – If you are working with the under one population in particular CanDoKiddo’s boards are an awesome resource for any therapist or parent!
  8. Your Kids OT – Another great resource for Occupational Therapists.
  9. Starfish Therapies- I love how Starfish Therapies has their boards organized by discipline.  It makes it easy to search for what you are looking for within your profession!
  10. SOS Resources – Like Starfish Therapies, there are different boards for each specialty.  Great resources for all the disciplines.
  11. Therapy Fun Zone – Run by an occupational therapist, but a great resource for all therapists!
  12. Bill Wong – An OT with great boards.  They are dedicated to occupational therapy but I find tons of great information for physical therapists as well!
  13. Integrated Learning Strategies – Another set of great boards that is useful across all disciplines!
  14. Your Kids Table – Boards by an occupational therapist with an emphasis on picky eating and sensory play!
  15. Tools to Grow OT – Boards by occupational therapists, but a great resource for all three disciplines!

What are your favorite therapy boards that can be added to the list?


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7 thoughts on “Must Follow OT, PT, and SLP Pinterest Boards”

  1. I would argue that all of PediaStaff’s boards (over 75,000 followers) are amazing to follow for therapy and not just the one listed above –

    Also, speech-language pathologist bloggers (over 120 of them) have their own Pinterest collaborative board – (currently over 11,000 followers)

    Finally, if speech-language pathologists (even other therapists and teachers) are looking for free materials, there’s always Speechie Freebie’s boards – (currently about 12,000 followers)

  2. Great blog! Thanks so much for sharing.

    My mom who is an OTR, created a book called “what are your Super powers?”

    She was inspired by my brother who has Down Syndrome and myself who is as adapted from China. Great book about inclusion and acceptance for children (K-4th), teachers and parents. Highly recommend! It celebrates everyone’s uniqueness with a little OT references in between.

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