Rainbow Relay – St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor Game

We are only about a month away from St. Patrick’s Day!   Gross motor games with a St. Patrick’s Day theme are so much fun!  They work great for the entire month of March!  The clover hop was a hit!  This time we are talking about the rainbow relay!  It’s the perfect game for getting out all that energy and has the added bonus of working on the colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow Relay St. Patrick's Day Gross Motor Game - Pink Oatmeal

Rainbow Relay – St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor Game


Rainbow RelaySingle Clover - Pink Oatmeal

Rainbow Colored Shamrocks:  Save yourself the time and effort and buy the clovers now in the St. Patrick’s Day Brain Breaks, Yoga, and Games Packet.

Rainbow Relay - Pink Oatmeal

  • Divide the kids up into teams of up to 6  kids. (If less kids that just means some have to go more than once.)
  • Place a set of colored shamrocks for each team on the opposite side of the room/playground.
  • Each student races across the room/playground to pick a colored shamrock up and brings it back to their team.
  • Once the first student has returned the next student goes and picks the next color.
  • Once all the colors have been retrieved the team must put the colors in order the color of the rainbow. (Optional)
  • The first team with the colors of the rainbow in order wins

Rainbow Relay Shamrocks

St. Patrick’s Gross Motor Games

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Everything You Need For St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor

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St. Patrick's Day Gross Motor

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