St. Patrick’s Day Brain Break Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t too far off.  I love the different gross motor games that can be played during St. Patrick’s Day like the Rainbow Relay or the Clover Hop.  Then there are those times when you just need something that is fast, effective, and efficient.  That’s where these short duration St. Patrick’s Day brain breaks and gross motor moves come in.  The brain breaks come with a St. Patrick’s Day theme making it perfect for the entire month of March!

St. Patrick's Day Gross motor and brain break ideas. Works great as a St. Patrick's Day Game!

St. Patrick’s Day Brain Breaks and Gross Motor

The great thing about these ideas are that the number of repetitions and duration of time can easily be adjusted based on your needs!

St. Patricks Day Brain Breaks

Pot O’Gold

Squats, Push-Ups, Lunges, Sit-Ups, Heel Raises, Toe Raises, Sit To Stands, High Marches

Shamrock Shuffle

Walk Backward, Walk Heel To Toe, Cross Over Steps, Walk On Your Tip Toes, Walk On Your Heels, Side Step, Skip, Gallop

Lucky Leprechaun

Single Foot Hop, Jumping Jacks, Jump and Turn, Side To Side Jumps, Jump and Turn, Jump As Fast As You Can, Jump Forward and Backward

Kinesthetic Learning - Moving with numbers is perfect for calendar time and perfect for kinesthetic learning. What a great activity for your kinesthetic learners!

Clover Hunt

Series of Gross Motor Moves (Example: Jump, Clap, Twist Repeat x15) – Use a variety!

Irish Games

Leprachaun Says, Mirror Image, Line Up Tallest to Shortest, Line Up Youngest to Oldest

Irish Celebration

Body Wiggles, Irish Jig, Clap From The Floor To The Ceiling, Spin Right and Left

Rainbow Run

Run In Place, Chair Run, Run Jump Run (Like Hurdles) In Place,

Shamrock Shake

Hip Circles, Twist, Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles

Want To Go Digital?

Go digital with the St. Patrick’s Day Movement Game! Pick different objects from the St. Patrick’s Day scene and move like them! You can also print this game and use it in a non-digital manner!


How about wheelchair movement with a St. Patrick’s Day theme? Pink Oatmeal has that for you too! Check out the St. Patrick’s Day Wheelchair Themed Movement Game!


Combine counting and movement with the Shamrock Counting St. Patrick’s Day Movement Game!  Work on one to one correspondence with added movement!


St. Patrick’s Day Brain Break Cards

Imagine how great it would feel to have all of your St. Patrick’s Day movement activities (including St. Patrick’s Day Brain Breaks and more) created and ready to use!  Not only would you have it all, but you could feel confident knowing that your kids (and you!) are having fun with physical activity and movement!  You will have activities for St. Patrick’s Day that your kids love.  You will have screen free activities to promote movement.  You will have fun activities for your brain breaks, morning meetings, home or therapy sessions.  You won’t have to be spending time searching and creating your own resources, it’s all done for you!  Check out the options below! 

If  you love the idea of St. Patrick’s Day brain breaks but don’t want to put it together yourself I don’t blame you!  I have a full set of 48 cards available at the shop.     The cards are a fun and exciting way to get the kids moving.  They are perfect to incorporate into stations, use at a party, morning meetings, or as brain breaks.  Make movement fun!

St. Patrick’s Day Digital Brain Breaks 

Go digital and have try this no-prep St. Patrick’s Day Brain Break Game! Use this game on your computer, tablet or white board.  Perfect any place you have PowerPoint.  Check it out right now!

Everything You Need For St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor

How about saving a lot of money and getting everything you need for St. Patrick’s Day gross motor and physical activity?  Pink Oatmeal has taken care of all the work and hassle for you!  Get EVERYTHING in the St. Patrick’s Day Movement Pack.  This is available for you at a major discount in the shop.

St. Patrick's Day Gross Motor


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