Indoor Toys For Gross Motor Play

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  The time when many of our toys start moving indoors, because it is just too cold outside (for the parents).  At our home we are lucky to have an unfinished basement that we can bring some of the outside toys in.  It’s a good things since we live in Minnesota!  Here are a few of my favorite indoor toys for gross motor play!


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Indoor Toys For Gross Motor Play

Jungle Jumparoo – This was a new one to me this year!  One of the motor rooms that I work in has one of these.  They are really cool and provide plenty of gross motor opportunity!  They are nice and versatile that you can use them indoors or outdoors! Want to know something even cooler?  The folks at Jungle Jumparoo are offering you $99 dollars off your purchase.  Just use the code PINKOATMEAL!


Scooter Board – Another cool indoor toy since you don’t need much space.  Wondering what some of the muscles are that scooter boards help strengthen?  Be sure to check them out here!

Tunnel – This option is great starting early.  Use it for your baby who is starting to crawl all the way up through your elementary aged kiddos.  We love our tunnel!

Balance Pods – Simple, yet fun.  Use as a way to challenge your balance or make it easy by keeping them close together.  I see these in several different motor rooms as well as have some at my own house!

Balance Board – This is my DIY version.  Works like a charm!

DIY Balance Board Completed - Pink Oatmeal

Jump Rope – The good old fashioned jump rope is still one of the best things out there!  Who doesn’t have memories of jumping rope on the elementary school playground.  Possibly a good stocking stuffer with the upcoming holiday season?

Basketball Hoop – We love this particular basketball hoop.  We got an awesome deal last Black Friday on it.  It seems so sturdy and like it will last quite a long time with the ability to adjust heights.  It’s  gotten a ton of use so far!

Looking for more ideas on indoor toys?  Check out my post on my favorites for a motor room today!


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