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I recently had the opportunity to review Sensory Processing 101 (affiliate). As a physical therapist this sparked my interest and I hoped it would give me more ideas to use in my practice. This book is an awesome resource written from a parent and educator perspective as well as a therapist perspective. ¬†It gave me some fun ideas to add to my toolbox¬†to challenge the sensory system. I was really excited when I came across¬†a DIY balance board idea in the book.¬†¬†I’ve always wanted to make one of these as many of the schools I go to don’t have them available, but they are a great tool to use in therapy.

DIY Balance Board - Pink Oatmeal

DIY Balance Board

Since I had the electronic version of the book it was super easy for me to print off instructions on how to make my balance board.  I also loved how the page about the DIY balance board had a key talking about the different areas (proprioceptive and vestibular system) of the sensory system that are addressed with the balance board.

DIY Balance Board Page

I went, or I should say I sent my husband off to the store to buy my 2 supplies I needed to make the board.  Did I mention no tools were needed?  This is my kind of DIY project.


  • 1 piece of wood (¬ĺ inch thick, 10 inches wide, 2 feet long) – This actually came in a 6 foot piece and my husband had them cut it to 2 feet right in the store.
  • PVC pipe (1¬Ĺ inch diameter, 2 feet long)

Putting It Together

DIY Balance Board Supplies - Pink Oatmeal

You could simply place the PVC pipe on the floor with the board over it and be done and have a balance board. ¬†Or…you can get more creative and decorate the board. ¬†They have some great suggestions in the book for using duct tape, paint, fabric, etc. ¬†Of course, I had to try my hand at using chalk paint and stencils(affiliate) (mine were larger 4″ big but by the same company) to make my board.

DIY Balance Board Stencil - Pink Oatmeal

I thinned out the white chalk paint with a little bit of water as I wanted to see the wood grain.  After it dried I stenciled on the word play as even though we are working on challenging the sensory system we are still playing.

DIY Balance Board Stencil - Pink Oatmeal

DIY Balance Board

DIY Balance Board Completed - Pink Oatmeal

It turned out pretty good. ¬†I probably could have centered my stencil just a bit better but it serves it’s purpose as it should. I’m not patient enough to be a true DIY’er! ¬†I am going to be sure to follow the warning¬†they list by using it only on a carpeted surface. ¬†I also love their suggestion for trying it out on your knees if standing is too difficult.

Sensory Processing 101


Sensory Processing 101 (affiliate) is like 3 books in one.

  • The book includes step-by-step instructions for activities you can use in everyday play with kids at home or at school to support the development of each sensory system.
  • ¬†It also ¬†resources related to sensory processing, including support groups for parents and caregivers of children who have sensory needs, cheat sheets with quick overviews of each sensory system, and more.
  • An explanation of each sensory system from a therapist‚Äôs point of view and from the perspective of a parent and educator.

I loved this book and think it would be an excellent resource for ¬†therapists, teachers, and parents.¬†¬†It’s well written, easy to understand, and has great pictures.


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