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We truly don’t need any more flashing or loud toys at our house.  I don’t know how many times I’ve walk by our toy basket and had some random toy go off.  I believe that some of the best options for playrooms or gifts for little ones are missed since they aren’t always on the shelves at your typical stores. As a pediatric physical therapist, my aim has been to build more of a “motor room” instead of  a room loaded with random toys.  Many of these suggestions have come from different pieces of equipment that I currently use in our home or that I use in the motor rooms at school.

10 Motor Room Ideas - Pink Oatmeal

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1. Tumbling Mat: This is a nice option to have under a balance beam or to get the kids moving on the floor.  Possibly an area to practice some yoga?

2. Balance Pods: The pods are great for working on balance and body awareness.  They work well when they are part of an obstacle course.

3. Scooter Boards: Another favorite amongst the kids.  Scooter boards are great for strengthening and can be used in sitting or on your stomach.

4. Sit ‘n Spin: Perfect for strengthening and stimulation for the vestibular system.

5. Tunnel: Tunnels are perfect for an obstacle course.  Tunnels work well for the youngest movers at your home!

6. Tumbling Wedge:  This is a favorite at school!  It’s fun to walk up and down the wedge, roll down the wedge and walk on high knees up and down the wedge.

7. Plastic Balls:  These are the best!  I love our balls.  If you are looking for ideas on easy ball pits be sure to check out my post about ball pit and play ideas.

8. Ball Chair:  A great option for when the kids are concentrating on a project.  The ball allows the kiddos the option to “move” while sitting.

9. Slide:  I love how many of the slides can be versatile and used both inside and outside.  Remember, going up the slide in reverse is good for the little ones!

10. Balance Beam:  I tend to prefer the sturdy balance beams.  I’ve used the foam beams in the past, and they are okay. They aren’t as sturdy and always seemed lopsided. A balance beam could be a pretty easy DIY project.

I’ve started on our motor space.  You can take a peek at it in my post.  I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on it over the next year so that we have a great space to burn some energy and move at our home!

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    1. Hi there and thanks for reading. It’s really hard to give any sort of exercises without knowing why or without actually seeing her move. If you have concerns, a good place to start would be bringing it up to your physician. They could likely give you a starting point or may even refer you to physical therapy.

  1. Hi there Chanda,

    I was searching Gross Motors over the internet and came across your blog post.

    I love the idea of ‘Motor Room’ and I too do not like the idea of having just sounds and lights toys for my 19 month old.

    We love our Tunnel and Balls, and i highly recommend Outdoor activities to everyone for Gross Motors. I created a list of my own picks for Gross Motor Toys which is based on toys available in my country i.e Pakistan.

    I would love you to have a quick look and give your feedback on what you think about it 🙂


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