Scooter Board Strengthening

The scooter board is an awesome tool to use for strengthening in kids.  It’s so much fun to use with so many different games and obstacle courses that it’s hard to believe that you could be strengthening at the same time! My 2 year old recently received one for his birthday.  He really enjoys it, however he needs to be supervised when using it.  His 2 year old judgement isn’t the best…he likes to try to stand on it!  I like to use the scooter board in a variety of positions to target different muscles of the body when in play.

Scooter Board Strengthening Positions - Pink Oatmeal

Scooter Board Strengthening

I’m sharing a few of my favorite positions  I like to utilize to target different muscles.  These muscles aren’t the only ones at work in these positions.  There are several muscles that help, but I like to use certain positions to get certain muscles working!

Scooter Board Walking Forward - Pink Oatmeal


The hamstrings are a set of muscles that run from your bottom to behind your knee.  One of their main functions is to help bend the knee.  Knowing this, I like to get kids sitting on the scooter board working on walking forward to make the scooter board go.  This requires the kids to bend their knees and work that hamstring muscle.

Scooter Board Pushing Backward - Pink Oatmeal


The quadriceps are a group of muscles located on top of your leg.  One of their main functions is to help extend the knee.  Therefore, I like to get kids seated on the scooter board working on pushing themselves backward to make the scooter board go.  This requires the extension of the knee to work on accessing the quadriceps muscles.

Scooter Board Strengthening Gluteals - Pink Oatmeal


The gluteals are the muscles in your bottom.  One of their functions is to help with extending the leg at the hip.  This means that I like to get kids on their stomachs while on the scooter board and work on propelling themselves by using their full leg to push resulting in extension at the hip.

Scooter Board Scapular Muscles - Pink Oatmeal

Scapular Muscles

The scapular muscles are those muscles surrounding your shoulder blade.  I like to get kids on their stomach on the scooter board.  I like to have them use their arms to help propel the scooter board.  This can be done by pulling forward or pushing backward to make the scooter board go.

How about some scooter board activities? We’ve got a ton of scooter board activities for you to check out too!

Do you use the scooter board in certain positions to help with strengthening?  I’d love to hear! 

Scooter boards are awesome for preschool activities as well as kindergarten activities. This tells you all about what muscles you are strengthening with this gross motor activity in various positions. Great for physical education, gross motor, fine motor, and activity days!


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  1. Good information here! I like to add in a rope for the child to pull along to add in more extensor strengthening when in prone. Also, try having the child in supine on the scooter board with a rope overhead. The child has to pull himself along the rope using his arms while lifting the feet off the ground. It is an incredible abdominal workout. If you have the space, have the child lie down in prone on scooter and go very close to a wall. Ask the child to push off the wall with his legs and hold arms and legs up in air like he is flying. Or add in soft bowling pins to knock over after he pushes off the wall. I could go on and on with scooterboard ideas for strengthening. It is a great tool.

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