Easter Gross Motor Activities

Today is all about Easter gross motor ideas. Many of these ideas would also go well with the different spring themed gross motor ideas from Pink Oatmeal. Get out your plastic eggs and get excited for the Easter gross motor activities from Pink Oatmeal.

Easter Themed Gross Motor Activities

Easter Gross Motor Activities

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Let’s start right off the bat with some Easter activities that involve plastic eggs. You can pretty much pick these up anywhere during the spring or on Amazon most times of the year. I believe most of my plastic eggs have come from Target. There are lots of choices in colors and designs.

The following videos show several different gross motor ideas that are perfect for Easter.

Easter Egg Scooter Board

Let’s start with a scooter board. Scooter board in prone (like in the video) seated moving forward, or seated moving backward to deliver the eggs to the basket. Keeping the egg on the spoon makes this activity challenging. It can be done by holding the egg in your hand.

Easter Egg Hurdles

Next up is carrying the egg over the hurdles. If you don’t have hurdles like in the video, other items such as pool noodles, broomsticks, or yard sticks can substitute as hurdles. Holding the egg on the spoon makes this even more challenging. If the egg on the spoon is too difficult, the egg can be carried in hand.

Easter Egg Bosu Ball

In this activity, balancing on the Bosu ball while placing eggs in the basket is a challenge! Have a friend or adult hand over an Easter Egg. Keeping the egg on the spoon, squat down on the Bosu ball, and place the egg in the basket. This again, can be done without the spoon, if the spoon is too challenging.

Balance Beam Egg Race

In this activity, plastic eggs are carried from one end of the balance beam to the other. In the video, this is done on a spoon for an added challenge. Remove the spoon and carry the egg if it is too challenging.

Easter Relay Ideas

There are several different ways you can use these plastic eggs to create relays as well!

  • Line up your team and pass the plastic eggs on spoons from one end of the line to the other. The first team that has moved the egg up and down the line without it falling wins.
  • Carry the egg on a spoon from one side of the room to the other. If the egg falls, you have to start over. The first team to have everyone complete the race wins.

Easter Yoga Pose Ideas

How about trying some Easter Yoga as a fun Easter gross motor activity. Pink Oatmeal has all of the ideas for you PLUS FREE Easter themed yoga cards in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library.


Easter Yoga Cards in the Pink Oatmeal freebie library.

Easter Brain Breaks

Maybe fast, fun, and efficient are what you are going for when you think of Easter gross motor. Pink Oatmeal has an entire blog post dedicated to Easter brain breaks. These moves are easy to do and can be done quickly almost anywhere. Along with the brain break ideas, there are ready to go Easter themed brain break cards.


Easter Gross Motor Game

Along with the brain breaks and yoga, Pink Oatmeal has an Easter themed gross motor game for you. This game can be played in a digital manner on your computer, tablet, or interactive whiteboard. You are also welcome to print and play this game. Use the printables in the hallway, on a bulletin board, as part of an obstacle course, on a wall, or anywhere you please.

In this game, you will pick an Easter friend. You will meet that friend, get to know their name, and perform the gross motor activity that they as of you! Make sure that you meet all of the Easter friends to complete the game.


Other Easter Activity Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt – Hide the plastic Easter eggs. Inside the eggs place a gross motor/locomotion word or picture. The kiddos must perform that activity before moving onto the next.

Easter Egg Pick- Up Ideas – This may included jumping over tape lines to pick up an Easter egg and jumping back across to put it in a basket. Jumping can be performed back/forth, side/side, single foot etc. This can be a timed activity or race to get all the eggs in the basket.

Easter Gross Motor Resources

Pink Oatmeal has a huge selection of resources available for you to make your Easter gross motor planning easy and simple.


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