Fun Jumping Practice Idea

Do you have that kiddo that just can’t quite jump?  Maybe they get the concept but need a little something extra to get over the hump?  Have you ever thought of using a scooter board to help with jumping?  Just looking for something new to try out?  Check out this fun jumping practice idea using a scooter board and give it a try today! This is just one of many jumping activity ideas for kids from Pink Oatmeal!

Using a scooter board is a fun way to practice the skill of jumping! A great jumping practice idea!

Fun Jumping Practice Idea


Scooter Board


A little extra space to practice some jumping.

The idea is really quite simple.  Jumping is practiced by placing the child’s feet on the wall while they lay sit on their scooter boards. The child can work on bending their legs and jumping off from the wall.

Using a scooter board to practice jumping is a fun way to work on this skill! A great jumping practice idea!

Gravity is eliminated in this position making it easier to be successful at completing the jumping task!  This also allows the child to work on motor planning the task and hopefully successfully transferring it to the standing position.

Using a scooter board is the perfect way to work on the skill of jumping! A great jumping practice idea!

You can even try one legged jumping!

Add a little fun by making games out of it.  Mark lines to see how far the child goes with each jump and try to get a little further each time they jump.  Try to relate the activity to something of the child’s interest.  I know my own child loves to “blast off” like a rocket!

What is your favorite way to practice jumping?

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4 thoughts on “Fun Jumping Practice Idea”

  1. Hi Chanda,
    Thank you for your blog. I use if frequently. Today I got the scooters out for my 3 and 4 yr olds students. This was our first time using them. The kids were excited at first and I modeled how to use them, but several sat on in and immediately wanted to stop and refused to even try using them! I was so surprised.

    I tried going with the kids that refused and holding on to the board, but no go. I will try again another day – maybe they just need to get used to the idea. Any suggestions or have you run into this before?

    Have a great day!


  2. dorothy Clopton

    You may want to start out having them give rides to beanie babies or other small weighted toys by pushing / pulling them on the scooter boards. This is good proprioceptive and vestibular sensory stimulation and may get them more comfortable with the scooter boards.

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