Dinosaur Gross Motor and Brain Break Ideas

Dinosaurs are the perfect way to incorporate gross motor movement into the day!  There are fast dinosaurs, big dinosaurs, small dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs etc.  Think of all of the possibilities when it comes to dinosaurs and gross motor movements.  Dinosaur gross motor and brain break ideas are perfect to combine with a dinosaur unit in the classroom, use as a game during a party, or in a therapy session!

Dinosaur Movement Ideas perfect for the classroom, therapy, or at home. Combine these movement ideas with a dinosaur unit! Perfect for preschool on up!

Dinosaur Gross Motor and Brain Break Ideas

Make movement fun with a dinosaur theme.  Set a time and distance that works for you and your needs!  Make sure you perform activities long enough to get the students moving.  Do as many as you would like before taking a break!

Dinosaur Walks

March, Forward Stomp Walking, Backward Stomp Jumping, Jumping Around A Room, Knee Walking, Crawling, Side Stepping, Skipping, Large Steps, Tiny Steps, Arm Flaps (While Walking), Walk On Your Tip Toes

Flying Dinosaur

Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Side Arm Circles, Shoulder Blade Squeezes

Dinosaur Dance

Body Wiggles, Free Dance, Fast Dance, Slow Motion Dance

Dinosaur Stomp

Fast Jumps, Side To Side Jumps, Forward and Backward Jumps, Fast Stomping In Place, Slow Big Stomps In Place, Jump and Turn, Right Foot Hops, Left Foot Hops

Dinosaur Power

Squats, Lunges, Heel Raises, Toe Raises, Jumping Jacks, Squat To Jump, Squat and Hold, Run In Place As Fast As You Can

Dinosaur Themed Brain Breaks - Pink Oatmeal

Dinosaur Feet

Balance On Your Right Foot, Balance On Your Left Foot, Stand With Your Right Toe Touching Your Left Heel Hold, Stand With Your Left Toe Touching Your Right Heel Hold

Dinosaur Games

Brontosaurus, Brontosaurus, Triceratops (Duck, Duck, Goose), T-Rex Says (Simon Says), Red Rover Send (Name A Dinosaur Right Over) Give Kids Different Dinosaur Names, Mirror Image: In Partners – Mirror Dinosaur Moves Of Other Partner

Dinosaur Size

Line Up Tallest To Shortest, Floor Touch To Stand, Floor Touch To Arms Above The Head, Move From Your Knees To Standing

Dinosaur Brain Breaks

If  you love the idea of dinosaur brain breaks, I have a full set of 48 cards available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for download.  It can also be found in my shop on the blog.    They are a fun and exciting way to get the kids moving.  They are perfect to incorporate into stations,  morning meetings, or as brain breaks.  Make movement fun!

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