Arctic Animal Brain Breaks

The winter season is officially here!  This is a time for snow, winter sports, and the arctic!  I always loved trying to incorporate fun themes to make movement fun!  In the winter there is no better theme than the arctic.  Arctic animals are especially fun when it comes to movement.  That means here at Pink Oatmeal we’ve come up with some arctic animal brain breaks for you to use today!

Arctic animal brain breaks. A great arctic gross motor activity. The perfect way to move with your arctic theme. Great for a classroom, therapy, or home. Make your arctic unit fun by adding movement like the arctic animals.

Arctic Animal Brain Breaks – Arctic Animal Activity

The brain breaks are designed so that one side of the brain break card includes a picture of an arctic animal and a movement associated with that arctic animal.  You determine the time or duration based on what works best in your setting.  You can do several of these at one time or just one or two!

The cards are perfect to print, laminate and place on a ring.  Use full sheet printables to place around the room or in a brain break area.

Arctic animal brain breaks give you a nice option to step away from the screen and get some much needed movement in your kiddos day.  Plus, they easily can be incorporated with your arctic lesson.  The best part, when you are done teaching your arctic lesson your kids will likely still want to keep doing the arctic animal brain breaks.  Use them all winter long!

At Pink Oatmeal, the idea of moving like arctic animals is loved so much that we also do Arctic Animal Yoga.  This is seriously a blast!  You will love all of the poses designed to move like animals of the arctic.  Check out all of the ideas!

Arctic and Polar Themed Resources

Pink Oatmeal has a wide variety of arctic and polar resources for you to choose from. Click on the name of the resource below to get a detailed view of the resource. 

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