Halloween Sensory Bag

This week we tried out a Halloween themed sensory bag.  I used it at home and school!  I made it exactly like I made my previous sensory bags.  You can see how they were made in this post.  Instead of adding sequins, sparkles or poms I decided to add Halloween themed critters to the bags.

Halloween Sensory Bags - Pink Oatmeal

We played with Halloween ice a couple weeks ago so had plenty of critters left over from playing with the ice. This time we used green gel for a little Halloween bonus!

Halloween Sensory Bags (Ice) - Pink Oatmeal

It was a lot of fun and a great way to look at the critters without having any of the critters go into any mouths!

Halloween Sensory Bags - Pink Oatmeal

Since C is just 14 months old, he doesn’t play with the bag for more then a minute, at most, and this is completely normal for his age.  I just have it out and available for him to explore.  He will come by on occasion and move the bugs around and be on his way then come back again!


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