Balance Exercises For Kids

I love coming up with creative ways to work on balance exercises for kids.  Balance exercises don’t always require standing on one foot.  There are several different creative ways that you can work on balance exercise for kids.  Today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to work on balance!

Balance Exercises For Kids

There are a variety of different activities that can be done to work on balance.  Below are some of my favorites, but I share a ton more exercise and balance ideas for kids in my video library for Pink Oatmeal members.   The all access membership is pretty darn amazing.  Also be sure to check out so many more gross motor activities for kids

Not every balance exercise requires standing on one leg.  Balance exercises can start off simple with challenging a kid to move outside of their base of support.  This means reaching outside of where they “feel comfortable” with their balance.

Balance exercises for kids - standing with one foot on the stool and one foot on the ground.

Themed Balance Games For Kids

Superhero Balance Theme

Play a fun superhero themed balance game to challenge those balance skills! This cute and engaging game has superheroes telling the kids what balance skill to work on! You can play this in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or in the PDF file. You can print the game as well and use it as printables. 



This same game can be printed and used in game format, as part of an obstacle course, in the hallway or more!


Skateboarding Balance Theme

Another fun balance theme is a skateboarding theme.  Skateboarding itself takes a lot of balance. Below are some fun ideas to stick with this theme. 

Try balance boards and work by balancing on the balance board, working on a vertical surface, or playing catch with a ball!


Another fun idea is the Skateboard Friends Balance Game. This game can be played in a digital manner or it can be printed. You pick your skateboard friend and get to know their name. Next try the balance activity that they ask of you. 




Use this game in printable version as well. Use the printables on a door, hallway, walls, bulletin boards as part of obstacle courses or anywhere you want.


Ball Balance

Challenging balance can also be done by placing one leg on a step stool and one leg on the ground.  The higher the stool, the greater the balance challenge.


To make this activity a little more challenging instead of a step stool add a ball under one leg.  Move the ball in all different directions to add to the balance with a ball challenge.



When you are ready to work on balance exercises for kids with taking a foot off the ground, make a game of it.  The bean bag balance game is a fantastic way to start working on single leg balance and so much fun!


Another fun way to work on balance exercises without the kids even realizing it is by playing the balance with blocks game.  The higher you build the blocks up the greater the balance challenge!


Single Leg Balance Exercises For Kids

Once you are ready for single leg balance exercises there is so much that you can do.  Single leg standing is the basis of most exercises and components can be added from there.

Single leg standing reaching outside of the base of support is one fun way to work on this gross motor skill. To make this balance exercise more challenging don’t allow the foot to touch the ground in between taps of the toe.


Single leg stance reaching out of the base of support is another great and challenging way to work on balance skills for kids.  Vary the distance of the target (cones in this case) to vary the challenge of this balance exercise.



Exercise Spots

Another fun way to work on balance is by using exercise spots.  You can get these FREE colored exercise spots in the freebie library to try out using them for balance practice. Along with knee taps try toe taps!




Other Ideas For Balance Exercises For Kids

Make an obstacle course that requires heel to toe walking.  I personally like to theme this depending on the time of year or theme.


Play Catch With A Ball – This can be done with both feet challenging the kiddo your working with by throwing the ball slightly outside of their base of support.   This activity can also be done in single leg stance.

Natural Outdoor Obstacles – Walking logs, rock paths, and more are a great way to challenge balance without needing to set up anything formal or fancy.

Balance Beams – Traditional balance beams are another way for kids to work on balance exercises.  This can be done as a stand alone activity or as part of an obstacle course.  Work on heel to toe walking both forward and backward as well as side stepping.

Unstable Surfaces – This can be done by adding a pillow, cushion, deflated ball or air disc to stand on.  This can be done with both feet on the object or in single leg standing.

Balance Exercises For Kids - Standing on an unstable surface.

What are your favorite creative ways to work on balance exercises for kids?

If you liked these ideas, be sure to check out Pink Oatmeal’s favorite ball activities for kids and pediatric core strengthening ideas! 

Get Balance Resources

Pink Oatmeal has you covered when it comes to balance activities for kids!  You can find balance games and activities designed especially for kids!  These exercises were custom made as it is hard to find printable balance activities and printables!  Get these now and  today and start using them immediately.

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5 thoughts on “Balance Exercises For Kids”

  1. Miracle Douglas, PT

    Hi My name is Miracle Douglas and I am a pediatric physical therapist. In regards to creative ways to working on balance strategies, sometimes I’ll use a long tube of bubbles that comes with a long plastic wand and I’ll give the wand to the babes while I hold the tube with the bubble solution in it other. I then stand about 2 ft away and I tilt the bubble solution tube at varying angles to encourage squat-stand transfers and forward reaching/leaning just outside of their base of support to challenge balance strategies/reactions. I love this activity too because it’s so simple yet so rewarding for the babes because they really enjoy being able to hold the awesome bubble wand and nail into the bubble tube by themselves lol. It also challenges some visual aspects and promotes focus/patience to get the wand to go into the small bubble wand hole just right.

  2. Great activities. Even for adults who’s balance is off. I tried this with my class found I need more practice.

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