Pediatric Core Strengthening – Creative Ideas

Working in pediatrics can be a lot of fun.  What makes it fun is the fact that you get to “play” while working on important motor skills.  Today I’m going to share some of my favorite pediatric core strengthening exercises that are so much fun that your kiddo may not even realize how hard they are working on strengthening their core!

Pediatric core strengthening exercises. Creative and fun strengthening ideas for the pediatric population.

Creative Pediatric Core Strengthening Ideas

In the following pediatric core strengthening exercises a peanut ball (affiliate link), beanie babies, balls, and bean bags are used.   You may be able to look around your home and find different items that you could substitute in lieu of these.  The following ideas are just some of the exercise ideas from Pink Oatmeal.  Be sure to see so many more gross motor activities for kids! 

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Stability Ball Beanie Baby Rides

One of my favorite ways to work on core strengthening is with beanie baby elevator rides.  Simply sit on a peanut ball or unstable surface and give your beanie baby a ride into the bucket.  This requires core strength to lift the foot off the ground while maintaining stability on the peanut ball.  Make it easier by pushing the peanut ball up against the wall for added stability.

Sticker Stability Ball Game

Another fun way to work on core strength is with stickers.  The stability ball with stickers game is a blast!  This game focuses on core strength and fine motor skills to peel the stickers.  Your kids will have so much fun with this game! 



Prone Over Ball Work


Work on fine motor skills in this pediatric core strengthening exercise. Use a tongs or spoon. Pick any manipulative you would like and have fun!



Core Strength Ball Rolls


Using your feet to roll a ball up the wall is a fun and easy way to strengthen cores in the pediatric setting.  Use a piece of tape on the wall as a visual goal as to how far the ball should go.

Peanut Ball Chops



Peanut ball chops are fun and not only are they great for the core, but it is a great whole body exercise.  It also works on midline crossing which is great for anyone in the pediatric setting.

Core Strength Bingo

Have fun working on core strengthening while playing bingo! Your kids will LOVE this game and so will you!



Controlled Lowers

Find a friend and have them help you with this fun exercise.  Pick any type of object you would like to try lower down into the basket.



Stability Ball Trunk Rotation




Add rotation to your exercise.  This would be a great one to have a mirror in front of the kiddo as a visual when doing this exercise.


More Favorite Core Strengthening Activities

Yoga -We love using different themed yoga cards for kids!  Themes make it so much for fun!  Get free yoga in the freebie library.

Free Play – Allowing for lots o f active free play, especially outdoors where kids can work on activities like climbing, jumping, running and navigating outdoor terrain and hills. These are awesome ways for kids to develop core strength

If you liked these ideas, be sure to check out Pink Oatmeal’s favorite ball activities for kids and balance exercises for kids ideas! 

Get Your Core Strengthening For Kids Cards

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