Transportation Gross Motor Ideas

My three year old chose to have a transportation themed birthday party this past year.  The party was a hit with the girls and boys alike.  Often times the transportation theme will make its way into preschool as well.  If you are looking for a fun addition to this theme or for something a little extra for your transportation lover look no further!  Transportation gross motor moves are not only beneficial but a lot of fun!

 Transportation theme - Gross Motor Ideas plus there are free printable cards! Love this for preschool!

Transportation Gross Motor Ideas

Spin Like A Helicopter

Spin in both directions!

Pedal Your Bike

Sit in a chair and move your legs or lay on your back and pedal your legs above your head!

Fly Like An Airplane

Place your arms out to the side and tip back and forth.


Blast Off Like A Rocket

Squat down and jump!

Tip Like A Dump Truck

Tip side to side!

Balance On Your Motorcycle

Balance on one leg!  Try it on each side.

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More Transportation Movement Ideas

Do you think these movement cards look like fun?  Then you must also check out Transportation Themed Yoga Ideas on the blog.  Incorporating yoga into your classroom, home, or therapy may have so many benefits.  You can also get a Transportation set of Yoga Cards and Printables. They are perfect for your transportation lover or to go with a transportation unit.  All the benefits of yoga with a transportation theme! 

Transportation Yoga Cover

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