Top Ten Baby Items For The First Six Months

Our little guy is six months old today!  It’s hard to believe that time has gone by so fast.  He goes in next week for his check-up and we get to find out how big he is!  He was around the 80th percentile for height, weight, and head at last visit.  He started off in the 10th so he has been a fast growing boy.   I take a picture with a chalkboard update of him each month.  I always like to get the one where he was looking at the camera cute and smiley.  Well today it wasn’t happening.  I took like literally 50 pictures trying to get a good one.  Then I decided I would use the one that best suit him at 6 months old.  Already so curious about the world around him!

Baby Must Haves

My husband and I were talking last night about the things that we couldn’t have lived without in the past six months and here is what we came up with in no particular order.


1. Diapers – For obvious reasons and for use of the boxes!  We have tried many and have decided on Target diapers.  They have been our favorite thus far. It helps that the price is right!

2. Wipes – Again, obvious reasons.  We go with Target’s brand again.  I prefer the unscented brand.  In my opinion, less is better when it comes to scents.

3. Pacifier –  It seems like we have 100 of them floating around the house now, but can never seem to find one when we need it.  I love how they are so jazzy now with all the different colors and sayings. I will say that at the hospital they discouraged pacifiers as to “nipple confusion.”  I was so worried to use one until my mom said just to try it.  Never again will I wait.  The pacifier was the best soothing tool we had.  It was almost like magic.

4. Vanicream – Crazy but true.  Best lotion ever. Made right in good old Rochester, Minnesota. We were given some after C’s laser surgery for his hemangioma to keep the area moisturized.  Not only are we using it on him but now I am using it on my face that was super dry while I was pregnant and right after having him – no problems anymore!

5. Onesies – Plain white onesies are a staple.  They are unisex, versatile and great for putting under all kinds of outfits!

6.  My Brest Friend – Best nursing pillow ever.  I was absolutely set on needing the boppy but I also had put this on my list as I had seen it on one of the Bravo reality shows (pathetic I know) and one of my friends had one.  I used the boppy for about two seconds.  This was by far the better nursing pillow.

7. SwaddleMe – I wrote about these in my last post.  They were so easy and saved the hassle of trying to correctly swaddle using a blanket.  Really liked them!

8.Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit – I again wrote about these in my last post as well.  An awesome way to transition out of the swaddle!

9. Car Seat – The obvious reasons for this.  We needed to get him places and we try to get out a lot.  We chose a Chicco car seat just after looking around at different options.  No complaints about it besides the carseats start to get really heavy as the baby gets heavy!

10. Stroller – I really thought I was going to be able to babywear the baby.  We went with the Uppababy Vista Stroller.  Absolutely love it!  It was our biggest splurge on a baby item but I am so glad we got it! This was our top ten!  We are excited to see what the next six months bring!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Baby Items For The First Six Months”

  1. I would have to add a lightweight muslin blanket to the list! They work wonderfully for swaddling, and for a coverup for mama. Like you I also can’t live without my breast feeding pillow, one of these times I’ll remember to bring it to the hospital! Thanks for sharing!

    stopping by from Bloggy Moms Blog Hop

  2. Hi! Do you have any recommendations for 7 months onwards? My LO is 8 months and is too tall for his jumperoo which he loves. His feet are flat on the floor at the highest setting and this is suppose to be bad … Right?

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