Strength and Balance Exercises Using A Hill

One obstacle I often run into working in the schools is a space to work in.   In these cases one of my favorite therapy tools happens to be a hill or incline.  It’s amazing how many great strength and balance exercises you can do with a simple hill or incline.  I especially love to get outside and utilize hills and inclines when the weather is nice! It always seems that it’s just a little more fun when you can get out.   The best part is very little equipment is needed for these activities!

Fun ideas for strengthening and balance exercises or activities that can be done with simply a hill or incline. Make a fun game out of it!

Strength and Balance Exercises Using A Hill

Here is a quick run down of some easy strength and balance exercise you can do on a hill or incline starting today!  Here are 10 of my favorite and simple ways to use a hill or incline!

Side Steps – Be sure to go both directions to hit the muscles on both sides!

Monster Walks – With legs out straight try to make it up the hill!

Knee Walks – Both up and down and the incline!

Knee Walks - Both up and down and the incline! 

Ride a Bike – Working on inclines is great for strengthening.

Marching – Adds in the balance factor, try for nice high marches.

Knee Walks - Both up and down and the incline! 

Cross Over Steps – Lead with each side.

Backward Walking – Great for strength and balance!

Knee Walks - Both up and down and the incline! 

Walking on Your Heels

Walk on Your Tip Toes

Heel Kicks- Bend your knees and kick up your heels as close to your backside as you can.

Inclines and Babies

Have you ever used a hill or incline for basic motor development with a baby?  Check out this outdoor crawling tip.  It of course could be used indoors as well on any inclined surface.

Get Balance Activity Cards and Progressions

Pink Oatmeal has you covered when it comes to balance activities for kids!  You can find balance games and activities designed especially for kids!  These exercises were custom made as it is hard to find printable balance activities and printables!  Get these now and  today and start using them immediately.

Click on the name of the resource below to get a full detailed view of each resource. I highly suggest the Balance Games and Activities Bundle to get all the balance games!

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  1. Hi I am a physical therapist currently providing school based services virtually. I am developing “home programs” and assigning on Google classroom. I would like to include pictures for individual skills. Do you have products that I would be able to use in a “virtual home program”?How would I be able to get these?

    1. You should be fine to use any of Pink Oatmeal’s resources as long as you are following the terms and conditions! Check them out here! 
      Email chanda@pinkoatmeal with any other questions!

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