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With the weather being so nice I’ve found that we are outside a lot!  The great thing about being outside with an “almost crawler” is that there are lots of natural inclines when you are outdoors.  If you start looking for inclines outside you will be surprised at how many you see.  These inclines are perfect for a baby that is learning to crawl!  Using inclines is a fun crawling tip for your little one.

Crawling Tip Perfect For The Outdoors - Pink Oatmeal

Crawling Tip – Outdoors

I’m often watching my toddler play at the park or in our yard.  I’ll do a quick scan to see if I notice any natural inclines in the grass.  I’m amazed at how many I’ve never really noticed.  In my case the best ones seem to be in between our yard and the neighbors yard.  The cool thing about an incline is that when your baby is place in a position where the shoulders are slightly higher than the hips it requires just a little less work to maintain that position.  I initially would set my baby down on the incline in the four point position (on his hands and knees).  At first he wasn’t ready and couldn’t maintain the position.  I came back and tried again later and he did a great job maintaining!  Before I knew it he was rocking in this position, picking up his hands, and moving into this position all on his own.  He now is doing this on his own all the time on all surfaces.  He’s even starting to move a little on his hands and knees.  He hasn’t quite got it all coordinated but soon enough!

Crawling - Pink Oatmeal

When To Start

When to start really can depend on your baby.  Most babies begin to crawl somewhere between the ages of 7 to 10 months.  So somewhere within that time frame maybe a little earlier or later depending on your baby you could try it.  I chose to try it after my baby had been belly crawling for a period of time and I noticed him doing a lot of pushing up with his arms fully extended.

Crawling Tip Perfect For The Outdoors - Pink Oatmeal


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