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When I started as a physical therapist in the school system I wish I had known about all the different resources for standers.  Coming from a clinical based practice it was a whole new world for me.  I was learning about IEP’s, special education, and all sorts of different equipment.  One thing that I really wish I had known about was easy access to lots of different stander resources for educating the staff, parents, and myself.    I hope that the stander resources I put together can be helpful for any new therapist coming into the school system. Also be sure to look at my posts for gait trainer resources and supportive and adapted classroom seating resources in one place. 

Stander Resources

There are several different stander options to choose from when selecting a stander to use with the individual you are working with.  Some options include. 

  • Lecky – Squiggles, Mygo, Horizon, Pronestander, Freestander, Totstander
  • EasyStand – Zing, Bantam, Glider, Evolv, Strap Stand
  • Rifton – Mobile, Prone, Supine
  • R82 – Caribou, Meerkat, Rabbit, Toucan, Gazelle
  • Prime Engineering – Superstand HLT, Superstand, Kidstand III, Uprite, Symmetry


I find myself going back to stander videos as a refresher for myself every once and a while.  I love the visual in how the stander works and moves the easiest.

Easy Stand – They provide videos on several of their standers from assembly, set-up, and how they are utilized on their YouTube channel. 

Rifton – Another great YouTube channel to help with using their standers. 

R82 – Another great channel with information on their standers! 

Lecky – A YouTube channel to get information on their line of standers. 


Often times when I suggest a stander as a resource for a student in the class it’s great to have research to back it up.  As therapist we know the benefits of standing, but it always helps to have scientific evidence behind it.

Easy Stand – They have a great collection of resources related to standing.  

Rifton – There website shares information on supine standers.

Leckey – More evidence on the benefits of standing.


There is an entire tool dedicated to letters of medical necessity. This tool generates comprehensive letters of medical necessity for EasyStand, Zing or ActiveAid products.

Do you know of any other great resources?  Share in the comments if you do I’d love to have more! 




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