Incorporating Movement Into Morning Meeting

The research is out there.  We all know how important it is to incorporate physical activity and learning.  Just think of these stats. Active kids are 20% more likely to earn an A in math or English.  In active kids standardized test scores increased 6% over 3 years. Just One Physically Active Lesson Creates a 13% increase in a child’s physical activity for the week and a 21% decrease in teachers time managing behaviors. – WOW! Morning meeting is the perfect time to incorporate this.  It’s a great way to get the kids engaged from the start of the day.  Check out these fun ways to move for morning meeting!

A fun idea for incorporating movement into morning meeting calendar time!

Morning meeting often times consists of many different pieces.  Going over the calendar, the weather, possibly the letter of the day or week are generally all a part of morning meeting.  Adding a little movement to morning meeting can make this  even more fun and engaging for both you and your students!

Movement Into Calendar Time

When doing the calendar you often talk about the month, week, and day.  Using the date as repetitions for a movement is an easy way to do this.

My mom experimented with Moving With Numbers cards as part of her calendar time (she now uses them everyday).  She said it was quite a hit! She also loved how it engaged all of the kids and they were all participating and learning.  They would pick the card associated with the number on the calendar and they would perform the action.  It was a great way to make circle time even more active and work on movement with number associations.

The great thing about moving with numbers is you don’t need a huge space to make movement possible during your calendar time.  Many of the moves are simple but effective.  The students may be jumping, twisting or performing jumping jacks.  You will be sure to have happy students!

Movement For The Weather

Many different morning meetings discuss the weather!  Wouldn’t it be fun if you could get the kids moving in relation to the weather and increase the classroom engagement?  You have to try out Weather Themed Yoga (see all the ideas here)!  It’s a fun way to incorporate movement into any morning meeting.  I promise you don’t have to be familiar with yoga to do these.  There are detailed descriptions and the pictures of the kids doing the poses are self explanatory!  Your class will LOVE them!  Find Weather Themed Yoga in the shop.

Weather Themed Activities! I love these weather themed yoga/gross motor movement poses for kinesthetic learning! They are great for a brain break! I can't wait to try them for morning meeting too!

If you prefer a digital approach, another fantastic way to talk about the weather during morning meeting is with the weather movement game. 


Incorporating Movement With Letters

Do you do a letter of the week or letter of the day?  Why not add a little movement to this?  Pink Oatmeal has several different ideas for adding movement to the alphabet.  



Adding these simple yet effective movements to your morning meeting is the perfect way to start off the day getting in that much needed physical activity!

Get Resources To Add Movement To Your Morning Meeting

At Pink Oatmeal we have everything packaged up for you in our morning meeting movement bundle so you can easily incorporate movement at your morning meeting!


More Movement Resources For Morning Meeting

Get your hands on these other fun and engaging resources that would be amazing to create movement during your morning meeting!

Click on the NAME link to get a full detailed view of everything included in the resource below!

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