Non-Toxic Toy Cleaner

I realized that I have been lacking a bit on cleaning these days (like a lot!).  I decided I needed to start somewhere since it looks like a tornado has gone through our house.  I decided I would start with Cade’s room.  I went through the basics vacuuming, dusting, and picking up and realized that I really need to clean his toys…it has been a while yikes! I never know where those things have been!  Since I know that Cade will be playing with them I like to keep my cleaner non-toxic.  I have turned to my trusty favorite cleaner, vinegar once again to fight this battle (sounding like my grandma again)!  The great thing about vinegar is that you still get the antibacterial properties without the icky chemicals for your non-toxic toy cleaner!

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Non-Toxic Toy Cleaner

It’s so simple and easy to make!  I also like that it is quite economical!  Here is what you need:

1 Part  Vinegar

1 Part Warm Water

Essential Oil of your choice (optional)

I personally like to make a batch in a bucket and use a rag and wipe down the toys.  Quick, simple, and easy!  The vinegar smell doesn’t last long and if you decide to use an essential oil you really don’t smell it at all. My favorites are lemon and lavender.  These are the essential oils that I use and lavender that was part of my initial kit.  All have their own cleaning properties as well.  You can feel good about clean toys that are non-toxic!  Happy cleaning!

More Ways To Clean Chemical Free

If you are looking for another great way to clean with vinegar be sure to check out my post about cleaning your garbage disposal with vinegar or spring cleaning!  This works fabulous too!


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