Kids Christmas Yoga Pose Ideas

Are you looking for a little something different this holiday season?  Are you looking for something for your classroom, therapy, or home that has a ton of benefits and the kids will love at the same time?  You have to check out these kids Christmas yoga pose ideas.  Have the kids posing like a sleigh or doing ho-ho-ho breathing!  Great for beginners to regular yogis!

Christmas Gross Motor. Christmas Yoga Pose Ideas. These are perfect for kids! Pose like a candy cane or Christmas tree!

Kids Christmas Yoga Pose Ideas

The Christmas themed yoga pose ideas are sure to be a hit with your kiddos! Many of the poses are traditional yoga poses with a Christmas spin.  If you love these pose ideas you can get them in cards and printables with detailed descriptions and fun pictures in the Pink Oatmeal Shop. Candy Cane Pose Moon Pose

Sleigh Pose Sit tall with your back straight and your legs out in front of you. Place your hands at your side like you are holding on to the sleigh. Rock back and forth like you are riding on a flying sleigh!

Elf Walk Start by standing next to the wall.  Move to a tall kneeling position.  Try to bring your feet towards your bottom (use your hand on the wall for balance).  Try to walk on your knees using the wall for balance.  If this is difficult try walking in tall kneel.

Reindeer Pose Warrior Pose – Raise your arms up in front of you like you have antlers.

Poinsettia Pose Flower Pose

Star Pose Star Pose

Christmas Tree Pose Tree Pose

Ho-Ho-Ho Breathing Sit tall on your bottom with your legs crossed. Place your hands on stomach. Breathe in and feel your stomach rise. Breathe out and feel stomach go in. Repeat the in and out breathing and relax.

Candle Pose Mountain Pose – Move your wrists side to side like a flame of a candle.

Angel Pose Lay flat on your back. Raise your arms above your head while spreading your legs. Bring your arms back to your side while closing your legs. Repeat.  * Think of making snow angels!*

Santa Dog Pose Downward Dog Pose – Move your hips side to side like you are wagging your tail or shaking off snow.

Christmas Yoga Cards and Printables

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Christmas Resources

Pink Oatmeal has a huge selection of Christmas and holiday themed resources ready for you now! Save yourself time and energy while having fun and engaging resources that your kids will love. Have these in your hands today!


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