School-Based Physical Therapy Collaboration and Inclusion

In a school-based setting it can feel tricky  to find good ways to have a successful physical therapy session, yet be as much in that students natural environment as possible. Personally,  I’m always looking for good ways to make my service a part of my students school day.  Each individual student and their situation needs to be considered when deciding how to provide your service.  These are a few different ways that a school-based physical therapist can work in the students natural environment and collaborate with team members.

Ideas for making your physical therapy sessions in the school a part of the student's regular day.

School Physical Therapy Inclusion

Gross Motor Time – In the Pre-K classrooms you may find that your students have a motor time.  This can be the perfect time to get in and work on those gross motor skills.

Adapted Physical Education -Adapted physical education teachers are an awesome resource.  They are often working on movement skills as well and are great for collaboration and for carrying out programming.

Playground – Playgrounds are full of opportunities to work on a variety of gross motor skills.  Steps, uneven surfaces, transitions, and plenty of obstacles!

Ideas for making your physical therapy sessions in the school a part of the student's regular day.

During Class Meeting Times – This may be an opportunity to work on supported sitting/bench sitting/high kneeling.  It may also be a great opportunity to get a student positioned in a stander.

Transition Times – This may give you the opportunity to work on transfers, ambulation, moving on different surfaces,  and accessing steps.

Occupational Therapist – Depending on your particular student co-treating with an occupational therapist may be a great opportunity to work on motor skills and collaborate with other parts of the student’s team.

What’s your favorite way to collaborate or work in an inclusive environment?  Leave it in the comments for more ideas! 


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