Superhero Themed Learning and Movement Games

Superheros seem to be all the rage!  I  never realized how popular superheros were until I started working in the schools and all my kids loved them.  Then I had my own child, and friends with children, and superheros continued to be the rage!  I use superheros to incorporate movement into my therapy sessions.  Both the boys and girls like them.  I’ve found some great ways to incorporate superhero themed learning and movement games.

Superhero Themed Learning and Moving

1. I love No Time For Flashcard’s color sorting and more with a superhero theme.  It’s also a great way to incorporate fine motor skills!

2.  I love the Superhero Sight Word Mash from The Pleasant Thing.  What kid wouldn’t love this for learning sight words?

3.  A very favorite of the kids I work with is Superhero Themed Brain Breaks.  They are fast brain breaks that can be completed quickly to keep the student’s interested.  I always encourage thinking about being a superhero while performing!  If you want to grab your own set they can be found in  the shop.

4. A fun way to incorporate math with a Superhero theme is Inspiration Laboratories Catch a Villan Game.

5.  A fun Spider Web Sight Word game that would work great with a Superhero theme comes from Toddler Approved.

6.  Hands On As We Grow shares a fun scavenger hunt game that would be perfect for a spy or Superhero!

7.  The Superhero Hop is the perfect way to get the kids moving.  Perfect for a brain break or morning meeting!

Super Spot Hop - Pink Oatmeal

8. B-Inspired Mama shares a cute upper and lowercase matching letter game with a Superhero theme..  She includes a free printable!

9.  Toddler Approved shares another fun way to work on sight words with a superhero theme and movement combination!

10. Isn’t it important to have a superhero mask to add a little fun plus work on fine motor skills?  Check these out from Red Ted Art!


Pink Oatmeal has a nice collection of superhero resources for you that work on both gross motor and fine motor skills. Have ready to go resources that you can start using today with your superheroes!

Click on the NAME of the resource to get a full description of what is included!

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