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Closet dividers were one of the easiest and most helpful projects I did for C’s room. I was going through his closet today removing some of his small clothes (he is growing way too fast) and was putting away some closet dividers.  I started thinking about how everyone should really have these!  I am able to just pull his small set of clothes out and slide over the next.  Very easy and keeps things nice and organized!  I made his with a jungle theme since his room had “animal accents.”  The nice thing about these is they can be customized however you want and they are so easy.

DIY Closet Divider - Pink Oatmeal

What You Need

Rack Dividers/Disks (Affiliate)

Scrapbook Paper (whatever color/theme you would like)
Hot Glue Gun
Start by tracing the shape of the rack divider on the back of the scrapbook paper.  Trace it twice – one for each side of the divider.
I cut both sides out and made sure that they fit the rack divider.  I made any tweaks I needed to before gluing.
I used a hot glue gun to adhere the scrapbook paper to both sides of the rack divider.
Finally I added writing to the disc.  You can add any decoration your would like at this point  I just used a black sharpie! Easy peasy and ready to go for the closet.  They would make a really nice baby shower gift as well.

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    1. If you click on the link that says Rack Divider (I added disk so it wasn’t so confusing!) it should lead you to them on Amazon. I bought them on Amazon.

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