Camping Yoga

Continuing with the yoga theme we are onto camping today! I love the thought of camping.  Being outdoors, sitting around a fire, and chatting with friends and family.  In reality, I love the thought, but when it comes down to it…I don’t camp.  I prefer hot showers and my nice comfortable bed.  When I was younger, it was a much different story.  I wanted to camp all the time.  Usually, the extent of my camping was in my back yard, but man was it fun.  So what could be better than a little camping yoga to share with you today!

Camping Themed Activities! Camping themed yoga pose ideas are a must for any camping unit, camping lover or just a fun way to incorporate kids yoga. Check out the fun names of the poses!


Camping Poses

The camping yoga poses are just one part of the camping themed gross motor and fine motor activity ideas at Pink Oatmeal. After you have read about all the fun poses, be sure to see what else we have to make your camping themed movement fun!

Canoe Boat Pose.  Can be done in partners or as an individual.

Tent Reverse Warrior

Camping Themed Yoga Pose Ideas

Fire Fire breathing.  Sit criss-cross on the floor with your hands in front of you and breathe in.  When you breathe out lift your hands above your head and clap.  Repeat fast and slow like flames of a fire!

Star  Star Pose.  Open and close hands to twinkle!

Rock Childs Pose

Bear Downward Dog or walk on your hands and feet like a bear.

Camping Themed Yoga Pose Ideas

Tree Tree Pose.  Can be done in partners or as one.

Moon Moon Pose

Insect Insect Pose

Fish  Fish Pose. Make fish faces in this pose!

Compass Sit on the floor with your legs spread apart.  Reach forward in all directions and talk about different directions.

Bird Airplane Pose.  Flap your arms like a bird!

Camping Themed Yoga Pose Ideas

Camping Yoga

Love these ideas, but don’t have the time to pull it all together!  No worries, Pink Oatmeal has you covered.  Check out the ready made camping yoga options for you! 


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