I Always Said I’m Not A Baby Person…

I’ve always said I’m not much of a baby person.  True, in my job I work with kids, but not babies.  I actually dreaded the thought each year of getting a new caseload and finding out that would be stuck with babies.  I had been lucky and everyone else wanted them so I never ended up with any babies.  Like I said, I ‘m not much of a baby person.


I was the oldest of three kids.  My first brother and I are very close in age so I don’t remember him as a baby. My second brother is young enough that I was a great live-in babysitter for my parents.  I have some experience babysitting even though I never wanted too.  It’s not that I haven’t been around babies it’s just that I’m not much of a baby person.

Then life takes place.  I got married and started getting older.  People started asking ,”When are you having a baby.”  It gets you thinking.  Everyone is doing it, so it’s now or never.  We decided once I hit the 30 year mark it was time for a baby.

I spent the majority of my 30th year pregnant.  I was due in August.  Everyone in my family is practically born in August including myself so it was only natural that the baby would be coming in August too.  I spent those nine months hot and trying to comprehend that I would be having a baby.

August 7th came, it was the day I predicted that he would arrive back in January.  No sign of the baby that morning.  By 1pm that day I was ready to deliver a baby.  It was a very fast labor which left me little time to really comprehend that I was going to have a baby that day.  This was probably good since I’ve always said I’m not a baby person.

happy mothers day

He had a full set of lungs on him and was absolutely beautiful.  My heart filled with more love than I could imagine.  A few hours later sitting in my hospital room with my husband and new baby it hit me.  I had a baby and this baby was coming home with me.  I was a nervous wreck, I’m not much of a baby person.

Since bringing my baby home and spending most of my time with my baby I am absolutely in love with my baby.  I am that mom who shows pictures of her baby to others.  I always want the best for my baby.  I call my mom to tell her what new funny thing my baby did that day.  When I need a “break” from my baby and leave for a few hours I’m usually thinking about my baby.

mothers day

What would I say now?  I am a “baby C” person.   I am a “my baby” person.  I would welcome a few babies on my caseload at work, however I still wouldn’t want my entire caseload to be babies.  I probably will never be the type who oohs and awws at a baby in the store or on television.  I have a new appreciation for babies and the miracles that they are.  I may never be a “baby person” but I will always be a “my baby” person.

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11 thoughts on “I Always Said I’m Not A Baby Person…”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! I know a number of parents who are excellent “their baby” persons …but before having kids, you wouldn’t have pegged them for baby people. Being a mother (or father) changes things, doesn’t it? Such adorable snapshots of your little one. 🙂

  2. Before I got my first child, I didn’t have really an experience of “what’s a baby?” My husband and I, we were new on this subject. I had my share of experiences with children older than 3 but not younger. I think I have always found babies cute and I would have liked to hold one a bit more before I had mine. But I totally understand you and the “not a baby’s person” because I wanted to be a teacher (well, life goes and I’m still not one) but not so much for the kids under 6 years old (in France, the “école maternelle” = pre-school is taught by trained teachers, and not educators, etc).
    We have all our favorites things and personal talents. It’s good. If we were all the same, it would be boring. There’s so much “no baby at all” person who even are awful with their own children… You are a “your baby person” and that’s great. I don’t think there’s a rule about loving all the babies as much as ours. Because I would be quite a rebel in that case! 😉
    Have a nice week, and thanks for this post.

  3. Understand completely! Growing up I never wanted kids. I was going to have a great career and cure cancer! Then I got married and didn’t even pursue education past my DVM. I LOVE my babies! I think others are cute from a distance, and I am thrilled when other people have babies, but I have zero desire to hold or play with them because they aren’t my babies!

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