5 Easy Things To Do With Your Baby At The Park

Often times when we think of going to to the park we don’t associate a baby and the park. ¬†There are a ton of toddlers and elementary aged kids flying all over the equipment and running around like crazy! ¬†Of course we don’t want our precious baby to get hurt. However, I love to bring my little guy to the park. ¬†There are so many great motor and sensory experiences for a baby at the park. ¬†Here are 5 quick and easy things you can do at the park today!¬† Some can even be done right in your backyard!

5 ways to play with baby at the park

All activities must be supervised. ¬†Baby’s like to put things in their mouths and the park presents many things that babie want to put in their mouths!¬†

1.  The Baby Swing

This is the most obvious and most parks have a nice swing for baby!  Great for the sensory system.  Think of all the great vestibular input your baby gets on the swing!  You must feel comfortable with your babies ability to stay up when placing he/she in the swing.

2.  Sitting in the Woodchips

A whole new sensory experience for baby getting to sit/touch/feel the wood chips.  The woodchips promote balance challenge and core strengthening by sitting on that uneven ground!  Just be careful none go in the mouth!  Baby must be able to independently sit in order to do this activity.

Park with baby

3.  Tummy Time

Yes!  The park is the perfect place to get your little one on the grass and on their tummy.  Tummy time is number one in promoting motor development!  Doing tummy time in the grass gives your baby a whole new sensory experience too!  Grass is a lot different than your carpet or wood floors!

4.  Sitting on a Slight Incline

Find those small changes in elevation in the land and sit your baby on it with their feet pointing up the hill. ¬†Sitting in this reverse direction promotes great core strengthening for your little one. ¬†You must feel comfortable with your baby’s sitting skills for this activity.

5.  Climbing

Check around your park and see if there are any of those low level obstacles that you can play on with your baby.  If your baby is starting to pull up and move over different obstacles in the home why not challenge your baby at the park!

I easily spend 20-30 minutes at the park with these quick things to try with your baby.  My little guy loves them all.  On top of that he gets to watch all the people that come to the park and smile and flirt with them.  Just another added bonus of the park!

What do you like to do at the park with your little one?  Stop by my Facebook page and let me know!

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