5 Reasons I Like Being A Working Mom

I was so very fortunate to get an entire year off when I had my baby. ¬†The best part was, I knew I still had my job waiting for me…if I wanted it back. ¬†Going into the first few months I didn’t think that I’d want to go back at all. ¬†I was completely exhausted from lack of sleep and was nursing and really, just overwhelmed with everything new. ¬†At about 6 months I started getting the itch to do a little something – that’s how this blog was born. ¬†I never thought that I’d still actually have this blog. ¬†By 10 months there was no doubt I was going back, as much for me but also out of necessity for our family.¬†¬†I started back to work when my baby was 13 months old. ¬†I’m officially approaching 6 months back to work outside of the home. I’ve come to the conclusion, being a stay at home mom is hard, ¬†and so is being a working mom.¬† I’m not going to argue one is better than the other, that depends on the day. There are pluses and minuses to both sides, but today I’m focusing on the positive and everything I like about being a working mom.

5 Reasons I Like Being A Working Mom - Pink Oatmeal

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My work schedule consists of working¬†outside the home three days per week (8+ hours). ¬†I’m really lucky that physical therapists have many opportunities to work part-time. ¬†I also work from home on my blog and my store on average an additional 10-15 hours per week (sometimes more). ¬†This generally results in working pretty close to a 40 hour work week.

5 Reasons I Like Being A Working Mom

1. ¬†Being a stay at home mom means long days. ¬†My husband works long hours and my days at home could really get long. ¬†Even if I had several activities planned that day it was still exhausting! ¬†I always thought that 4-6:30 was the hardest. ¬†I will never use the phrase “she just stays home” to refer to any stay at home mom! ¬†It’s probably the hardest job I’ve ever done.

2. ¬†I like the extra income.¬†Generally speaking people work to make money. ¬†Living on one income was different than living on two. ¬†Honestly, a big reason the extra income is nice…student loans.

3. I like the adult interaction. ¬†As much as we got out with other people when I stayed ¬†home, it wasn’t quite the same. ¬†I get time with just adults, no small children. ¬†This may be what I missed the most when I stayed at home full-time.

4. I like sitting down for lunch. ¬†A lot of time lunch is in my car, but I get to eat and sit at the same time. ¬†When I’m home this usually isn’t the case. ¬†I usually work or clean during nap time which results in eating while standing or getting a meal ready for my little guy. ¬†Therefore, my lunch at work is something I really value.

5. I like riding in peace in my car. It sounds really silly but it’s really nice to get to be by myself in the car. ¬†I can listen to what I want to and think about what I want too. ¬† Car rides with my little guy are challenging right now, to put it lightly.¬† It sounds small but I really appreciate this little time I get to myself.

¬†I really think it’s too bad¬†the way maternity leave is set-up in the United States. ¬†I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend an entire year at home, although not paid I’m grateful. ¬†I wish ¬†every mom could have that choice if she so wishes. ¬†I believe the fact that I was allowed this leave made it possible for me to be okay and happy¬†to go back to working outside the home.


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1 thought on “5 Reasons I Like Being A Working Mom”

  1. Well said-I could not agree more. I think both jobs are equally hard! I love my kids and would love to be at home with them more but I also feel very fortunate that I actually
    love what I do…and that it pays off those student loans lol. Plus I really enjoy all the extra built in vacation time of being a school based PT! My co-workers are some of my best friends and I also feel lucky to have them to vent to about the never ending mom guilt!

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