Mounting A Baby Monitor Without Tools

We are NOT handy people at this house.  Putting together anything usually ends up lasting an entire day, generally with a fight.  So, when we got to the point where we needed to mount our baby monitor (video), I was on the search for an easy solution. Preferably one that did not involve tools.  We considered stacking up boxes and setting our baby monitor on top of the boxes.  I could only think of the disaster that would be every time our son would knock it over.  I’m not one who has any shelves over the crib, just my personal choice so that wasn’t an option.  I considered  pounding a nail into the wall, but wasn’t keen on that idea.  I found some DIY ideas on how to mount the camera, all involved tools and more complex plans than I was willing to try.

Mounting A Baby Monitor - Pink Oatmeal


Mounting A Video Baby Monitor

I have to say this was a team idea between my husband and I. The solution worked perfect for our video monitor (we actually have the older model that has been discontinued but similar set-up).  I must credit my husband for getting my wheels spinning on this idea.  I had some Velcro laying around from a project in the nursery I had recently completed.  He suggested that we just Velcro it up to the wall.  Not a bad idea, but the second he said it I knew what would even work better.  The secret is Command Picture Hanging Strips!  They come in a few sizes so be sure to check the weight to make sure that it works for your monitor.

Mounting Video Baby Monitor - Pink Oatmeal

I simply followed the directions on the strips like I was hanging a picture.  I found the perfect angle to get a good view in the crib but also a spot where if it fell, it wouldn’t land in the crib.  We have no damage to our wall, didn’t have to use any tools, and no arguing!  We’ve had our camera mounted like this for over 7 months with absolutely no issue and it has never fallen.  A must try for your baby video monitor!


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14 thoughts on “Mounting A Baby Monitor Without Tools”

  1. Hey! My husband and I are quite similar to you and yours as far as handiwork goes.

    What strips did you actually buy? The large or the medium? Did you just use one, or did you use two?

    Have you had to replace what you used since this post?

    Has your monitor ever fallen down?

    1. I used the medium sized strip. I just used one but I’m sure 2 would have even been better. I never had to replace it and it never fell down. He has moved rooms now and it is on a dresser, but it was up for over 6 months with no issues. Hope that helps!

  2. Um…based on this post I bought these strips and installed the monitor and it crashed to the floor less than 12 hours later. I’m actually pretty handy but was looking for an easy solution because, you know, I have a baby. These strips did NOT work at all for me. I used two! Still didn’t work. FAIL.

    1. Ah huge bummer sorry to hear! We are on this same method for the next kid and it’s working great (6+ months again). I guess it’s not perfect for everyone, but has been super successful for us!

  3. Sorry if this is a really daft question, but did you just use the adhesive strip and how did you attach it? From the photo it looks like there could be a plastic strip attached to the base, or is that just the double sided tape?

  4. I think a lot of is is temperature dependent too.. I tried on an outside facing wall with no luck but an inside wall was no problems! Thanks for the great suggestion!

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