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As part of my job I get to travel between schools.  I love this part of my job…most of the time.  The only issue with this is, I don’t always have my own space.  This is especially true when I am working with kids that aren’t a part of a center based program.  I usually have an area in each school that I can work in, if it’s not being used.  The problem I run into – I don’t know if I’m going to get the space until I arrive at the school that day.  When this happens I need something that can be done in a hallway or very small space, yet accomplish motor skills and engage the kids. To solve this issue, I started making games, yoga cards and brain break cards  that I  carry with me so I always have something to use if things don’t go as planned that day.   I’ve found that even when I have the space, things don’t always go as planned and having resources on hand ideal.  My kids have enjoyed these so much that they are now a regular part of therapy!

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Brain Break/Movement Cards

I have made several different themes of brain break/movement cards.  It’s always so interesting to see what theme my students enjoy the most.  One of my more popular themes with the kids is my win it in a minute cards.  I’ve also found my superhero, pirate, and cowboy themes are popular quite popular.  The activities shouldn’t take longer than a minute on each card. These cards are also perfect to pull out when you see kids starting to need a transition from an activity or at the end and beginning of sessions. I’m getting started on trying to share as many of my ideas on my blog.   You can find ideas for football and baseball brain breaks to get you started!

Yoga Cards

I love using yoga in my therapy sessions! I’ve created different sets of yoga cards to keep it fun.  I have a traditional set, farm theme, ocean theme, desert theme, camping theme, circus theme, woodland theme, transportation theme, pet themed,  rainforest and zoo theme.  I’ve also made yoga cards for different seasons.  I have a seasonal bundle in which you can get all the seasons in one for a discount! I’ve also made a set to go along with the alphabet.  Perfect for combining moving and learning!  Yoga is so great for strengthening, range of motion, sensory awareness, and it can be so calming!  I’ve shared all the different poses that I used to make these different themes in my blog.  If there is one theme that interests you in particular be sure to check it out! Here they are:  Zoo Yoga, Sea Yoga, Farm Yoga, Circus YogaRainforest Yoga, Woodland Yoga, Desert YogaSummer YogaCamping YogaCircus YogaTransportation Yoga, and Pet Yoga.


These are probably the easiest to use as a “back-up” if things don’t go as planned, because for several of the games their is zero prep work.  I tend to carry printed out pages and dice.  I’ve found some of these games to be great when I’ve had kids who weren’t having their best day or didn’t want to do therapy that day…I’m sure we’ve all been there!  They seem to get really excited over playing the games!  My boys have really been into the football theme this year.  To change it up I have several different games including themed games, seasonal games, and holiday games!

In The Classroom

The majority of these products don’t necessarily have to be used in just therapy.  They are great options for teachers to use in their classrooms as a way to get the kids moving.  They would work great in special education resource rooms or center based programs.  Some favorites I’ve shared on my blog include the Superhero Hop, Clover Hop, and Spring Puddle Jumping.

My student’s love these for physical therapy, but I know they would transition over well to occupational and speech therapy as well!  

There’s Always More

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