Toddler Car Wash

I’ve found a little activity that keeps my toddler entertained for more than 2 minutes.  It’s quite possibly a miracle!  It’s simple too, like 1 minute to set up simple.  My mom actually gave me the idea, so I must credit her.  I’ve used it several times in the past few weeks.  I love using our swimming pool or the sprinkler for water play, but I like the change of pace of the toddler car wash.  It’s the perfect summer activity for the hot and sunny days.  A car,bucket, water, and a rag is all you need to set up your toddler car wash.

Toddler Car Wash - Pink Oatmeal

Toddler Car Wash

Toddler Car Wash - Pink Oatmeal

I simply put one of our toy cars out in the grass or on the driveway.  I fill up a bucket of water and let C play away.

Soaking Wet Rag - Pink Oatmeal

Sometimes it seems like the same spot get washed over and over again.Of course, the rag is always soaking wet.  We haven’t learned the concept of ringing out the rag yet.

Ringing out the rag - Pink Oatmeal

Although there were some attempts!

It’s an activity best done in a swimsuit, your toddler will get wet, and you may too.  If your toddler can handle the hose go ahead and add it.  My toddler wasn’t quite ready yet!

Washing The Car - Pink Oatmeal

I love that he is learning to clean, through play!  Once your finished you can be on your way!

Ready To Drive - Pink Oatmeal


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