Visual Discrimination Activities

Have you ever heard the term visual discrimination?  What exactly does it mean?  Why do we need it?  Visual discrimination is the ability to recognize details in visual images allowing for the ability to see differences and likeness.  This means that you look at something you can discriminate between shapes, colors, positions etc.  Some of these differences may be very subtle requiring you to pay attention to details.  Check out some of my favorite visual discrimination activities I’ve been doing with my own kids. 

Visual discrimination activities and games!

Visual Discrimination Activities

Visual discrimination is an important part of learning.  If a child struggles with visual discrimination they may not see the differences between letters that are similar such as p/q or b/d.  They may also have trouble distinguishing between s/5.  This visual discrimination game is an awesome resource for working on this particular skill, as a bonus, you can download it for free. 

Visual discrimination game - letters

Visual Discrimination Activities – Patterns

Another way to practice this skill is by discriminating between different objects.  For example, lotto games are a fun way to work on this skill so that kids can work on discriminating between different objects.  I love this FREE purse themed lotto visual discrimination game and play it with my son.  It is a great game for looking and finding differences between the different items in the purse.  

Purse game

Another great way to work on this skill is with objects like coins.  Coins are very similar and require this skill in order to differentiate between the different coins.  Another great FREE game that works on this skill is the Cheering For Coins Practice Game.  It is part of a freebie library. It is another game that I’ve played with my own son and think is fabulous! 

Coin Game

Household Activities

Other ways around the house to work on visual discrimination include sorting objects like socks or silverware.  It may mean going on a walk and collecting different leaves and differentiating between them.  This skill can also be worked on by sorting different shapes.  We have lots of different dried beans at our house (vegetarian here) and working on differentiating between the different beans is an easy way to practice this skill! 

More Games

If you are looking for even more games to practice this skill check out these of visual discrimination activities and games.  

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