Toddler Quinoa

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around until writing about this until now! We are big quinoa fans around here!  It’s healthy and easy to use for meal planning.  My favorite recipe is my Mexican style quinoa. It’s a staple meal around here,  however I needed a recipe that I could put together for my husband and I that also worked for my little guy.  As great as the Mexican style quinoa was it just wasn’t real easy for self feeding.  After searching around the refrigerator I came up with a winner that has been perfect toddler quinoa for my little guy!

Toddler Quinoa.  An awesome food for toddlers!  Healthy and full of goodness!


You simply need to make the same base as Mexican style quinoa.  I consider the base to be the quinoa, black beans and corn.  I’ve been using this kind (affiliate link) of quinoa right now.  I’m a fan!



Quinoa Base - Pink Oatmeal



Toddler Ingredient

Hummus!  It’s the best!  It’s consistency is perfect for getting the corn, quinoa and black beans to stick together just enough for the little one to pick up with their hands and self-feed or use with a spoon.  I add the hummus in single serving portions (just enough to get everything to stick together) to the base and serve it to my little guy!



Toddler Quinoa Hummus - Pink Oatmeal



C has been eating this since he was 10 months old !  It is a bit messy but messy is okay when it comes to eating.  He LOVES it, it’s one of his favorite meals.   Please do not give to your child until you feel comfortable with them eating this consistency.



Toddler Quinoa.  An awesome food for toddlers!  Healthy and full of goodness!




I keep the hummus separate from the base when I store it in the refrigerator. I do this so that the base can be used with both the hummus and the Mexican style version.


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