Jumbo Shape Sorter

I love shape sorters (affiliate link).  I’ve tried a DIY shape sorter for C and I’ve received one as a gift.  They both are great, however C plays with them for about two seconds.  He just wants to move, especially now that he is walking.  As a physical therapist I’m always thinking “big” since I work to enhance large motor skills.

Jumbo Shape Sorter - Pink Oatmeal

It all begins with a cardboard box.  My husband understands that no cardboard boxes can go into recycling until he runs it by me.  For this particular project I used a convertible car seat box.

Shape Sorter Jumbo - Pink Oatmeal
I cut holes in the top of the box in the shape of circles.  My plan was for C to be able to place his plastic balls through the holes.

On the side that was already open I added some velcro.  It can either be hot glued on or a even better way would be to buy this kind of velcro.  That way the balls couldn’t escape out the side but would be easily accessible.

Shape Sorter Jumbo Size - Pink Oatmeal
 C loves his shape sorter.  He stayed entertained for almost 5 minutes at a time, which is a win in my book.

Jumbo Shape Sorter - Pink Oatmeal
 The best part of the shape sorter happened to be that C showed shape recognition.  When all of his balls had been placed down the holes he promptly went to my decorative balls on the table and grabbed one to put in his shape sorter.  Gotta love the carryover!

More Cardboard Box Ideas

Our Big Sensory Box is one of our best toys in the playroom!  We started using it when C was about 6-7 months old and at 14 months old it’s still getting use.


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2 thoughts on “Jumbo Shape Sorter”

  1. Nothing beats a big ole cardboard box. I love that you’re realistic about toddler attention spans – 5 minutes is a huge win! As an OT, I hear parents report that their itty bitty kiddo only played with an activity for 5 minutes without realizing that not only is that great attention, but that there is SO much learning that can happen in 5 minutes. Parents ask me all the time about play activities for older babies – I’ll be sure to share this one!

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